The Hero Academy

The Academy Years - Year One

5 Years of Training

Grandmaster’s Log – Year One – Part 1

4 young cadets join The Hero Academy in Baldur’s Gate in order to forge a new life for themselves as adventurers in a world that is beginning to fall apart. The once great Pantheon of Faerun has all but fallen silent and now more than ever the peoples of the land are finding themselves more in need than ever.


It was during these formative years that our Cadets came to form their first friendship. Oddly, it wasn’t out of socializing or any kind of classes at the Academy. In fact, it came in the form of a common enemy of a classmate named “Loo”. As it turned out Loo was in fact an escaped noble from the underdark and his family had sent men to try to bring him back home. Loo being a proud Drow refused to give in to his family’s demands and this forced the Drow sent to retrieve him to take drastic measures.

Grandmaster’s Log – Year One – Part 2

Cloak, being quite skillful when it came to scouting because of his Wild Elven heritage spotted many Drow perched atop the various buildings. The rest of the Cadets had already fled into the Shrine of Ilmater for protection and when Cloak entered with his information the tension levels raised even higher. Loo was joined by The Cadets, Haley, Murphy, and Villas. These eight comprised the new class for the year and most of them had not seen combat before. The situation was dire and the wait was even worse, and then with a crash of glass the wait was over.

Drow came flooding into the room from the windows, eight in total. Mostly warriors but they were accompanied by two clerics for support. The attack on the Shrine.. When the smoke had cleared and the sounds of fighting died down both Loo and Cloak were nowhere to be seen. Lenore curious as to where they went took a peak outside to see Cloak and Loo struggling in the courtyard. When Loo saw Lenore he immediately started yelling for help but before she could react Loo muttered some arcane spell and bolts of force struck Cloak sending him flailing to the ground. Loo immediately then fled towards the Dorms.

Lenore ran up to Cloak to see if he was alright and she was almost immediately met by Master Dirk, Captain of the Academy’s watch. He asked her what happened and she explained best she could. Master Dirk healed Cloak’s wounds but before he could ask him any questions he hopped up and bounded off after Loo. Dirk stood there in amazement for a second before following in Cloak’s direction.

When Cloak came upon Loo’s room in the Dorms he heard a commotion inside his room. He heard a female yelling at him in Undercommon. Cloak listened briefly before intervening. When he came into the room he saw a Drow female cloaked in blackened full plate with a great sword pointed down at Loo. She turned to look at Cloak and informed him that this was none of his concern quietly tossing him a bag hefted with gold. Cloak felt it, peeked inside, shrugged and walked off. Cloak later returned to warn Loo not to try to deceive him and informed him that he would’ve helped him had he not been so dishonest.

Loo came clean with everything that night to the others. If life at the Academy was going to be like this everyday. Then the cadets had a long year ahead of them.
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