The Hero Academy

The Academy Years - Year Two

5 Years of Training

The Grandmaster’ Log – Year Two

The have spent the better part of a year around each other, but they still hadn’t become any closer than they were in the first year. They lacked teamwork, familiarity, and most importantly a chance to shine when they were alone. Master Flint Lockfist felt he had a good team building exercise in mind but what happened during it wasn’t something he was prepared for.


Master Lockfist took the cadets to a run down part of Baldur’s Gate to an abandoned home where he had hidden a trinket amongst the rubble. The objective was to work together to find it in the shortest amount of time. The cadets set off on their test, and spent hours combing over the ruined home but came up empty. They returned to Master Lockfist to explain their failure and as they were doing so Master Lockfist admitted that he took them to the wrong house. The cadets stood in disbelief that they had spent all day looking for something that wasn’t really there. Master Lockfist apologized and mentioned that he brought some ale for when the Cadets succeeded but in lieu of his failures and their wasted time they should all sit down and have some drinks.

They had several drinks over the course of the next hour or so when a small tremor rocked the city of Baldur’s Gate. It wasn’t too bad, but was immediately followed by an even larger one that rocked the ruined house they were in so hard that the foundations gave way and the floor fell out from under the Cadets. This sent the four of them plummeting into darkness and eventually they landed with a thud and splash in a fetid room. They were disoriented and slightly drunk and the darkness around them was only penetrated by small shafts of light coming from the collapsed roof above them; Master Lockfist was not with them.

Cloak, having the best eye site looked around and noticed two Bullywugs unconscious on the ground near by. He pointed out what they were: Bullywugs are a fiercely territorial race of frog-like humanoids that don’t take kindly to outsiders. If there were more they could be in trouble, if these two were scouts and reported back they could be in trouble. The cadets couldn’t chance it so they put down the bullywugs permanently and started to survey their situation.

The situation was dire, they appeared to be stuck someplace in Baldur’s Gate’s old sewer system, and to make matters worse they wouldn’t be able to get back out the way they came in. They were able to get a message through one of the larger holes to Master Lockfist above telling him they were going to go in search of a way out.

The sewers were treacherous, filled with creatures many of the cadets had never seen before but they pressed on confronting the perils that were laid before them one by one until they reached a barred archway that led outside. The bars did not budge no matter how hard the cadets tried to move them, and it wasn’t until Cloak noticed a small circular indentation alongside one of the nearby walls that they realized that they needed some sort of key. Thinking back through their trek in the sewers they couldn’t recall leaving any area unchecked and so it was decided that there must’ve been someplace hidden within the old sewer lines.

After several hours of searching they did in fact find a secret door hidden behind some weeds and moss. What waited on the other side gave the cadets pause. A section of the sewers unnaturally dark and steeped with feelings of uneasiness. They decided to fall back and set a make shift camp a ways off and rest before trekking into the darkness the following day.


The following day they passed through the secret door and into the dark part of the sewers. The places wreaked of stale air and rotten flesh. It didn’t take long to happen across undead but that wasn’t the worst thing that awaited them in this foul parcel of sewer. The most they investigated the more it became apparent that this section was once used by the Cult of Asmodeus, Devil Lord of the Nine Hells. His followers conducted foul rituals praising their evil master, and unfortunate for the cadets they had left behind a fail safe should anyone happen across their domain. The Star of Asmodeus sat glowing on the ground, and when it was triggered all hell literally broke loose.

The cadets limped away having found a small circular symbol of Amsodeus that they used to open the barred archway that led outside. Cloak went off to what was supposed to be the real site of their test and retrieved the item Master Lockfist had laid for them, and then the cadets returned to the Academy and soon were reunited with Master Lockfist. They had survived by working together and perhaps their kinship grew a little with their hardships. The remainder of the year passed by peacefully by their adventure was the talk of the Academy.
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