The Hero Academy

The Academy Years - Year Four

5 Years of Training

Grandmaster’s Log – Year Four – Part 1

It was a cold and chilly fall morning in the cadets fourth year at the Academy when their day was disrupted. Terris, one of William’s retainers came to the Academy from the inn that William had put him up at and told his Lord about a man seeking help with a werewolf problem outside of the city. Terris thought immediately that this would be a good stepping stone for his Lord to get in good with some of the locals and grow his influence inside Baldur’s Gate. So he offered up his master’s services knowing full well that William would have a hard time saying no to someone so desperately in need of help.


William, of course, couldn’t say no to someone so desperately in need so he collected his fellow cadets and they went to meet this man called Roegar. Once back at Terris’ inn he met with the man and the two spoke briefly about the situation out in the Bridge District of Baldur’s Gate. Roegar explained that he’s tried to get the Flaming Fist to help but with the influx of refugees and the city growing so fast they just can’t spare additional manpower to patrol the outlying districts as often as they’d like. They in turned refused and sent him on his way. This didn’t sit too well with William, and while he offered to help where he could, he couldn’t promise any results one way or another. Roegar was plenty happy enough to have anyone come out and see what they could do even if they did very little. Roegar told him to meet him at his home the next day and he left.

When they arrived at Roegar’s house the following morning his wife answered the door and explained that Roegar was out fishing. She then invited them in for breakfast and they had a nice conversation. Roegar’s wife explained that a man named Thomas was kind of the defacto representative of the district and he wasn’t really doing much of anything to help the situation with the werewolves aside from telling people to stay indoors after sundown. The cadets thanked Roegar’s wife for breakfast and went off to speak with Thomas.


The cadets approached the house they were told was Thomas’ and unlike the others it was much nicer. Roegar’s wife told them that he was a prominent merchant in the city and looking at his home it was obvious he was well off. In front of the house sat a cart that was being loaded by two men, and a man dressed in red was directing them. The cadets assumed this was Thomas, and they were right. They spoke with Thomas about the werewolf attacks but he seemed to have little care about them or the farmers who had gotten killed because they couldn’t follow directions to stay inside. This wanton disregard for life kind of turned Cloak off, and while he wanted to make a comment about Thomas he kept quiet. Thomas did share that a dwarf named Tor has recent set up a field in the back five nearest to the woods, and the time the attacks started seem to coincide with his planting of his field. Thanking Thomas for his time they went off in search of Tor.

Tor’s home wasn’t too far off. It was much smaller than the rest of the houses around, and it seemed to be a bit more practical. Cloak made a comment about dwarves being relatively small, and how much could they really need. William knocked on the door and a dwarven female answered. The cadets inquired about Tor, and while the woman seemed a bit standoffish she told them he was out working the fields. This led the cadets out to the back five where they found Tor digging holes for potato crops.


Tor was a hill dwarf, and unlike most dwarves he had a much paler complexion than the rest of his race. His facial hair was well-trimmed and while he looked dirty his clothes seemed to be pretty clean. The cadets approached and spoke to Tor about the werewolves. Tor knew about them, and mentioned he had seen them on occasion hiding out in the woods. He then taunted the woods calling out the werewolves to come get him but nothing special happened. Tor seemed not to care too much about the werewolves, he didn’t really fear them, and while he felt bad for those that had died his opinion was much like that of Thomas. They should’ve listened, and when they didn’t they got themselves dead. The cadets thanked him for his time and headed off.

Grandmaster’s Log – Year Four – Part 2

The cadets seemingly stumped as to what to do next discussed their options and eventually decided to go find someone who had lost somebody to the werewolf attack. They searched for awhile and finally found somebody to talk to them; a farmer named Jacob who had lost his daughter. The farmer was pretty talkative about the subject but really didn’t know too much about the subjects the cadets were asking. At one point, Cloak, seemed to try to convince the farmer that they needed to stand up against the werewolves themselves and set watches and guard against intrusion and this argument became a point of conflict between Cloak and William. The two of them discussed the merits and flaws of it for quite awhile. William made the point that the farmers just don’t have the time and energy to set up watches because their days were full and Cloak felt that the farmers needed to do whatever they had to do to survive. William continued on about how it was Thomas’ responsibility to protect the farmers and that his lack of action was the problem, and Cloak agreed somewhat but still insisted that the farmers needed to hold their own weight. Eventually, the cadets thanked Jacob for his time and went off to plan their next course of action.

The cadets spent some time talking about what they should do next, and the final decision was to wait til nightfall and see if they couldn’t confront the werewolves directly in hopes of driving them off. In the meantime, Carrow decided he would give a sermon to the people of the bridge district; an event that almost everyone in the district showed up for. Once Carrow had completed his task many of the commoners left offerings to Ilmater hoping that he would ease their suffering. The sheer amount of goods left was overwhelming and Carrow needed help moving them all. He was able to store them at Roegar’s house for the evening. As Roegar and the cadets were talking about the upcoming evening Thomas returned from market. Roegar excused himself and went off to speak with Thomas. Roegar’s wife invited them in for some dinner.

Several hours passed and soon it was getting dark out. Roegar’s wife started to worry about whether Roegar would be home before the sun set. The cadets offered to go check on Roegar at Thomas’ home for her and quickly made their way there. The door was answered by a small woman and when asked she told them that Roegar had left a little while ago. The cadets immediately became worried and started to look for signs or tracks of Roegar. They eventually found some new boot prints and followed them down the street and towards Roegar’s home but shortly before they arrived the tracks just stopped suddenly. The cadets had a quick look around and found other fresh foot prints near by that headed out to the fields. The sun had just set, and the cadets decided to follow them out into the fields.

They searched for awhile when they happened across Roegar’s body laying in one of the fields. He was barely alive; he had two long curved slices across his stomach and his legs had been maimed to prevent him from moving too far. The cadets approached cautiously expecting a trap, but nothing happened. After Carrow investigated the wounds it appeared they had been made by claws but made to look like knife marks. Carrow healed Roegar’s wounds and they brought him back towards his house. On their way back, Lenore mentioned that if the wounds were made by the werewolves it was possible that Roegar could turn and end up killing his family. This worried the cadets and scared Roegar. They decided the more prudent action would be to take him someplace safe and out of the way. They decided on Roegar’s boat. Once there they tied up Roegar and sealed him below decks for safe keeping til they could get help for him.

Cloak and William spotted out of the corner of their eyes a pair of men quietly untying the ropes of the boat on the docks. When they turned to confront them they bolted off into the night towards the town. Cloak took off after them hoping his elven legs would be able to catch up to one of them to question, but when the men made their way into town that TRANSFORMED from men into wolves and spit up. The brought Cloak to a halt; he quickly darted up a house and tried to watch where one of the wolves went. He came to the conclusion it just darted off into the fields, and when he looked back towards the other it had vanished.

Meanwhile, back at the docks William had taken his armor off and fashioned a new landing rope to the dock under the water.that couldn’t be seen. When Cloak returned from his excursion he explained what had happened, and after a brief mention to Roegar the cadets headed off into the fields to find the wolves. They wandered out into the darkness with only Lenore’s light spell to keep the darkness at bay. Cloak eventually noticed two wolves pacing the group at a parallel; following them. He mentioned it to William, who briefly considered his options and eventually in an effort to flush them out had the cadets charge in their direction. The wolves didn’t wait and started to run off; Cloak hit one with a pair of arrows dropping it dead in its tracks. The cadets arrived at the dead wolf just as it started to change back into a young human male. They stopped and decided to give up on chasing the other wolf. The cadets decided they couldn’t simply leave the body laying the fields it would cause a panic in the district and so they decided to give it a funeral pyre. Carrow instructed in the construction of a rudimentary pyre using loose stones from around and then with some prayers, oil and a snap of his fingers the body burst into flames.

The cadets waited and watched as the body burned. They were mostly reflective over the day’s events when a group of armed men exited the forest and started to approach them. Cloak mentioned their were five in total; two on either side of a man who seemed to be leading the way. The cadets waited, somewhat defensively, Cloak hid, William stood up and placed his hands at the ready, as did Carrow. Lenore held her staff tightly and prepared for the worst. When they got close enough William told them to stop and they did. A conversation ensued about the events that had been transpiring, and the man informed the Cadets he was the leader of the werewolves and that he had been given right to hunt this land for livestock and flora. When inquired as to whom the deal had been made the man replied “Thomas.” The groups tried to resolve their issues but more time was needed than was available. In a last ditch effort William made a deal that if the townsfolk willing left offerings in a set location if they would stop hunting the grounds at night. The leader agreed this could be amenable and gave the cadets a two-night reprieve from the hunts and on the third evening as the sun set they would return and meet back at this spot to finalize the proposition.

The cadets hurried back to Roegar and retrieved him, informed him wife he was doing ok, and took him to the Shrine at the academy to have Mistress Benecia make sure he wasn’t cursed. Roegar turned out to be fine, but the markings on his stomach disturbed Benecia, they reminded her of something that she couldn’t quite remember. She told the cadets to speak with Mistress Fennel the druid trainer. The cadets conferred, and agreed to do so, but in the morning.

Note from the GM: I’ve decided these Logs are vastly too long-winded. I’m going to par down further logs. For now I am going to give a small synopsis of the last session.

Grandmaster’s Log – Year Four – Part 3

The cadets find out that the curved markings belong to Cyric the God of Madness. He’s supposedly been dead for years. They investigate and find a plot to use many of the corpses remaining from Baldur’s Gate’s last war as an undead army using a ritual Cyric followers used to raise the dead. This just happened to coincide with the werewolf attacks, but wasn’t entirely related. Thomas’ wife turned out to secretly be a devotee to Cyric and she was mind-controlling her husband’s workers to serve as a followers.

The cadets found an altar to Cyric that they cleansed by placing a symbol of Lethandar in the place of the holy symbol of Cyric. Thomas’ wife had planned to use Roegar as a sacrifice to her ritual initially but the cadets saved his life, and in turn she needed to find someone else and so she turned to his family. The cadets got wind of this and tried to stop it, but before they could Thomas’ wife was able to get away with Roegar young daughter. When they caught up to her it was too late, Roegar’s daughter had been killed, and the ritual completed but because of their actions earlier in cleansing the Altar; it failed.

Cloak captures Thomas’ wife and Thomas ends up immediately agreeing to make a new deal with the townsfolk and the werewolves. The cadets handle two birds with one stone, but the foul taste of Roegar’s daughter lingers while they wait for dawn.



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