Carrow Log 2

It was strange: when Mistress Benicia tried to resurrect Master Fogarty after he was poisoned by some Drow attempting to kidnap our fellow freshman, Loo, a strange symbol appeared on his skin, the mark of the Mad God. Apparently, that one has claimed Master Fogarty’s soul, in some way, but I’d never heard of anybody worshiping such a cruel deity. I can’t imagine why he’d follow Cyric deliberately.

I might even have thought this all to be part of a lesson given us by our teachers, were it not for the trouble it all caused. Master Eios, for example, never even showed a glimmer of concern – but, then, I’ve never heard of anything causing him to change his plans. Most of our other teachers treated it as a minor matter, something they needed to get on to prevent further problems, but they didn’t seem especially interested in it all.

Instead, it was up to all of us, the youngest class at the Academy, to learn that an entire (what would you call a bunch of drow? A ‘shadow’?) shadow of drow was here to collect Loo and try to take him back to his people.

The drow actually broke into Ilmater’s temple, causing great damage to the old windows there, before my class was able to knock them all unconscious. We found a few healing potions, but I wasn’t comfortable giving them out, even though Mistress Benicia appears to have disappeared in the middle of all this. I’m glad we managed to avoid killing everybody, but it made for a terribly frightening night. Especially with Lenore going to hide in her room, and Cloak disappearing into the shadows every so often, and, worse, with Mistress Benicia still being gone, I don’t even think I dare go back to my room.

Carrow Log 2

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