Gnoll Leader

Gnoll Leader (Packlord)

Gnolls are instinctively pack animals and all packs have alphas. The gnoll leaders are much larger than the other gnolls and also vastly more violent and intelligent. The other gnolls follow out of fear more than anything.

(Blood Frenzy) When a hostile drops to 0 hit points within 10 feet of it, the gnoll leader makes a melee attack with disadvantage.
(Incite Blood Frenzy) The gnoll leader grants creatures of its choice within 30 feet of it (not counting itself) a +4 bonus to damage rolls when they use blood frenzy. Multiple bonuses from this trait do not stack.
(Multiattack) The gnoll leader makes 2 great axe attacks or 2 long bow attacks.


Gnoll Leader
4th Level

Large Humanoid(Gnoll)
Initiative +2 ♦ Senses Perception: +0; Darkvision: 12(60ft)
HP 45
AC 16 (+6 Armor)
Speed 6 (30ft)
Melee Attack (Action) ♦ Great Axe
(+5 to hit; 1 Creature) 1d12+3 Slashing
Ranged Attack (Action) ♦ Long Bow
(+4 to hit; 1 creature) 1d8+3 Piercing
Alignment CE ♦ Languages Common, Gnoll
Traits: Incite Blood Frenzy, Blood Frenzy
Str 17 (+3) Dex 16 (+3) Wis 11 (+0)
Con 13 (+1) Int 9 (-1) Cha 10 (+0)
Equipment/Treasure: Leather Armor, Battle Axe, Long Bow, Arrows(20)

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Gnoll Leader

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