Grandmaster Eios

Meet Grandmaster Eios

Role: Headmaster

Grandmaster Eios has been studying magic his whole life. Since his youthful explorations into the arcane arts he’s always had a knack for utilizing the Weave to the best of his ability. A devout follower of Mystra he considers himself a guardian of the magics of the world and has defiantly stood against all who oppose Mystra’s will. He has traveled the world of Toril from the barren lands of Archorome to the sweeping deserts of Zakhara. He is old, and wisened beyond his years. He calls Elminster his master and follows in the footsteps of the great Sage.

When Mystra was killed and the weave became chaotic and the spellplague hit he sought out on a quest to bring about its end. While his efforts failed he has studied the plague in great detail and in the later half of his life has made it his life’s work to better understand how the death of Mystra brought it about. Most wizards would have locked themselves away and studied peacefully within a tower on some barren coast, but not Eios. He instead marched into Baldur’s Gate one day, surveyed the booming metropolis and decided it was there that he would plant his legacy. After speaking with the Grand Duke on several occasions he finally was granted his wish to build his vision: The Hero Academy. Much like Neverwinter’s call for heroes he planned to send out word to the surrounding lands that a place to train heroes and adventurers would soon manifest itself in Baldur’s Gate. Interest was slow, at first, but once the Bards began speaking of the Academy the heroes-to-be soon began streaming in. Shortly afterwards, already prominent heroes wished to join his cause and train others for the betterment of all Faerun.

One of these such heroes was a female Eladrin named Krishana. She would sit and listen to Eios speak of his plans and soon decided that she could help in teaching others. Since Eios is of an advanced age Krishana convinced the elder wizard to allow her to be his successor upon his death. Eios seemed content knowing that such an elder creature of good would follow after he departed this plane. Grandmaster Eios sits atop his crowning achievement in the largest city in Faerun. He has followers that are loyal to his vision of a new world, and he could not ask for more from his life. He now waits for his final day of life and prays that before that time that a Mystra would return in the heavens.

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Grandmaster Eios

The Hero Academy Sorceress