Meet Haley

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Year: 1st

Haley was born in Baldur’s Gate to a city guard, and a barmaid. She lived a somewhat normal life and was working at the tavern her mother was in for most of her youth, sweeping and cleaning. Her father would come by from to time to time to see how she was doing and to give some coin to her mother to help pay for her. When Haley got older she started taking an interest in what her father did. So one time when he came to visit she went with him on his patrol. During this patrol her father was attacked by a small groups of thugs. She hid as her father fending off the attack and called for other guards to come help. It was the most exciting thing Haley had ever seen, even more exciting than the brawls at the tavern. It was at that moment that she decided she wanted to be like her father; a guard.

When they returned home, Haley told her mother all about the excitement and how she wanted to go be a guard. At first, her mother was upset that her father would put her at risk, but after a long discussion the two of them decided that if this is what she really wanted she would need to be trained. Her father mentioned that he might be able to get her into the new Academy in town, but it could be expensive. Her mother and father went to speak with Grandmaster Eios who explained the terms of enrollment. It was more expensive than they had hoped for. So in an effort to secure Haley’s spot in class the two of them offered to work at the Academy as part of her payment. Eios agreed and put Haley’s father on the watch from time to time, and Haley’s mother would work in Sanctum twice a week. Thus Haley was entered into the Academy.

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