Meet Krishana

Role: Keeper of the Scrolls

Krishana is old, very very old even by Elven standards. She’s seen the Gods walk the lands, and even survived a direct confrontation with lloth. She admires Corellon Larethian a great deal. She is one of the few who has returned and remade her life in Evereska. She spent many years studying magic and pays homage to Mystra in addition to Corellon. She fears that the world she is living in is turning for the worse. So when she found out about what Eios was doing she sought him out.

Her original proposal was to become a member of the Hero Academy, but Eios knew what Krishana was, and what her people had endured. He instead offered her a place amongst his elite leaders of the Academy. He offered her control of “the Scrolls”. The scrolls were going to be an integral part of the Academy. They would not only be documents of its history but also a means by which magic could be used for the benefits of its members. Krishana was the first person in the Academy to learn of the compacts. Eios felt it would be essential for someone with a prolonged lifespan to learn his rituals and offered the magics up to Krishana with the upmost confidence that she would not betray him. Krishana gladly accepted the role of Keeper of the Scrolls within the Academy and has been directly dealing with cadets and initiates since it first opened its doors.

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The Hero Academy Sorceress