Log 1

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The beginning of a cadet’s career is always the hardest. They often find themselves bumbling around in the dark just trying not to fall over too many times and get discouraged. Our newest cadets are no different.

Cloak, a local thief taken to finding a way to get off the street walked in on his accord and sought to become a better person, we hope. We don’t judge, until there is something worth judging. Plenty of rope this one has.

William Reece, a distant noble’s son from Sembia. Perhaps he wants to find a way to save his people from the Netherese or perhaps he just wants to get away from home. Only time will tell.

Lenore Crownsilver, a young noble lady from Suzail trying to hone her spellcraft and help reshape the once proud Kingdom of Cormyr back into it’s glory days. I wonder if she’ll try to become a War Wizard – these are interesting times.

Finally, this brings us to one of our own. Carrow one of the Shrine of Ilmater’s own initiates wishes to take the plunge and further serve his God by becoming one of his clerics. Admirable, but I wonder if such a sheltered boy can become of the chosen for the God of Suffering. We shall see.

There are others, but this isn’t their story. Our cadets have just started down a path that will lead them into danger and threaten their lives. Strange that it’s always murder that seems to get people to act. Mr. Fogerty seems to have “died”. I wonder how that happened. Looks like our cadets are trying to find out.

Admirable, but the young lady Lenore and William are walking right into the trap and without our other cadets. Let’s see how they fare.

It seems that Cloak is stuck with the rest of the rogues. It’s unfortunate that they get such a bum wrap. They always are the first to be blamed when someone is poisoned. I wonder if it was one of them. Hmm.

Carrow, noble and helpful. Left with his trainer; Benecia, the High Priestess of Ilmater. He should be fine, except he’s just witnessed the rebirth of a very dangerous God. Whatever happens to him I assure you will only strengthen his resolve in his own God.

- Grandmaster Eios, 5th of Eleint in 1504DR

Log 1

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