Log 2

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Luagloth Helvimtor

Dorm EncounterShrine Encounter

I must admit for a group of people who’ve never met each other but for a day ago they all took interest in poor Luagloth’s problems. Some, more than others. Ah yes, and dear old Mr. Fogerty. He won’t be returning to the Academy I’m afraid; Benecia our High Priestess of Ilmater has taken him to the Helmites. It would appear that Cyric is trying to send me messages again.

Cloak, our delightful dashing young wolf in wolves’ clothing took a keen interest in our Drow refugee until he tried to turncoat on him. Old habits die hard for the Drow. I’m sure they’ve both learned something from this. Firstly, one does not simply grab onto an Evoker and hope to walk away and the other one does not betray Cloak’s trust.

Lenore, young Lenore. She has the makings of a fine Evoker and I look forward to watching her skill and prowess with magic grow. She handled herself well during her confrontations with the Drow. She used her spells to great effect. Even after taking a crossbow bolt in her chest she pushed on fearlessly. Admirable.

William has started off on a noble path. He rushed to escort Lenore into the Dorms; a place he knew where the drow were searching. He stood the vanguard at the entrance of the Shrine when he knew the drow were coming to take Loo. He fought valiantly in defense of the Shrine of Ilmater and sought out the final remaining drow in my brother’s catacombs below the Shrine. He doesn’t like my brother much, but most don’t.

Carrow has taken to his newfound duties as head of the Shrine while Benecia is away; like a moth to a flame. He’s so very young to be placed in such an important role. I hope he recognizes how much he’s proving himself to his God, and to me. Admirable.

This is a good batch of cadets, so far, but time will tell how truly noble they are. I wonder when confronted by danger without the presence of others to aid them how they’ll fair.

- Grandmaster Eios, 6th of Eleint in 1504DR

Log 2

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