Log 3

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A wise man told me once that only the fool walks in the dark without a light. How that relates to our Cadets I’ll leave entirely up to you. They’ve been showing much promise as of late.

William has started expanding his knowledge into his past. This has forced him to spend time with Master Beatle. Those who are Dragonmarked are not from Toril I wonder if his lineage has crossed the realms and dimensions of our vast universe. Interesting.

Carrow struggled with keeping the Shrine in order. He’s learned a good dose of humility from his time spent as our spiritual leader. He did keep to his task and continued his trainings. He is a very dedicated Cleric and I am sure the sacrifices he has already made will please Ilmater. Admirable.

Lenore has been spending quite some time with Master Krill, but I’ve mentioned this already. I think she’s trying to find her center or perhaps Mistress Starfyre is just too difficult an Elf to endure. I wouldn’t put it past her to alienate her own students. She often has little time for those of us who aren’t Elven in nature. By the look of her upon her return she seems to have had a pleasant time with her family, but she’s brought with her some people from home. I’m sure the young Lord Crownsilver means well but Lenore must stand on her own to succeed at this vocation.

Cloak is still a pet project of mine, and I’ve made certain to let Mistress Blood know I won’t tolerate any more games pitting the cadets against one another in her attempts at testing. Cloak is confident in his skills and that is admirable but he chooses to use them for all the wrong reasons. I don’t dislike thieves, they have their… uses, but more often than not they tend to think of themselves instead of others. Perhaps he needs to be put to test of fire where he must choose between his companions or his greed.

Master Flintlock loves his tests within the City but I cannot express how many times I’ve told him not to take Cadets to the Docks West district. It is dangerous and many of the abandoned homes are in disrepair. It’s no wonder the cadets didn’t die in the collapse, although the tremor that caused it concerns me. Baldur’s Gate is not known for such terrestrial activity. Perhaps it’s a portent or effects of the Sundering. I do feel as if the air is dense now.

- Grandmaster Eios, 15th of Ches in 1505DR

Log 3

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