Log 4

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The days of late have concerned me. I know my focus should be on improving the abilities of our cadets but something has me distracted. Mr. Fogerty has escaped the Helmites and his whereabouts are unknown. I’ve alerted Master Dirk and Mistress Benecia but I’m afraid if he is returning here he will only bring ill omen.

William continues to impress with his abilities but he seems unfocused in his goals. The more he continues to explore the less time he’ll be able to expand upon what he already knows and that might leave him weaker for it in the long term. His heart continues to be in the right place and I look forward to what he can accomplish as long as he doesn’t lose sight of the larger picture he should be ok.

Lenore has turned her focus towards more spiritual matters. Perhaps Master Krill’s wisdom will help her find strength within herself to become what her family needs. I don’t know, I’ve never given the monastic traditions much respect. The power Arcane has suited me just fine for all these years and I couldn’t see myself wasting time on such lesser vocations. It’s possible that the War Wizards of Cormyr knew something I didn’t but I find that highly improbable.

Carrow trods along his course, slowly, steadily. I don’t see ambition in him but perhaps the God of Suffering wishes this from his followers. Clerics are quite a curious sort when it comes to their religions. Perhaps slow and steady wins the race. Only time will tell I suppose.

Cloak walks a line between the dark and the light. I know he can see the benefits of both, but truly I can only hope he lands on the right side when the time comes for him to choose. I’m hopeful but not much more.

A rift has formed in the academy and it seems some cadets have fallen through. Krishana and I are currently preparing a ritual to close it and hopefully bring back those who have been lost to other planes. If it ends up being impossible… I won’t let it come to that. I won’t. I can’t.

- Grandmaster Eios, 12th of Hammer in 1506DR

Log 4

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