Log 5

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All things considered… I’ve found myself confused and confounded by this rift. It simply isn’t probable, it couldn’t have just randomly happened. A powerful magic had to bring this about – an assault on the Academy perhaps. I just don’t understand, I need more time to study but my priorities are getting all of the Cadets back. Krishana and I have found a ritual, it’s taxing and we can only attempt it a few times before we need to rest. I’ve gathered all of the Wizards I can muster from the Faculty and hopefully, with luck, we’ll be able to get everyone back.

William continues his front-line ways but it’s painful and until he learns to better defend himself he’ll leave his companions more vulnerable than I think he’s willing to accept. I look forward to seeing how he continues his training, as well as his personal research into his markings. Master Beatle has been kind enough to give me a detailed copy of them and I plan on doing my own research when time permits.

Lenore has new found purpose with her monk training. It seems like she’s trying to learn to better defend herself, for herself. What I see is a young noble lady who’s seen suffering and doesn’t want to be helpless against it when it returns, and it ALWAYS returns. She’s still considering her future, she’s young and she has plenty of time for all of that. I do hear that her brother has eyes for a certain young lady, perhaps a wedding is in the future for the Crownsilver family.

Carrow continues to grow into his role as a Cleric of Ilmater. Soon I think the High Priestess will send him on some errands for the Shrine that may see him leave the walls of Baldur’s Gate. I hope he implores his friends to come with him because these errands are far more dangerous than I think Benecia knows. I see his faith being tested by a greater power, and temptation has often been the downfall of many a good Cleric, especially when the ideals sound noble and true but aren’t.

Cloak continues to follow his own path, but he did retrieve Master Lockfist’s trinket. I’ve asked myself time and again if he did it for himself or for everyone. At this point, I still don’t know. Villas has severed his connection with Cloak, and seems to be upset about something. I think he feels a bit under-appreciated by his peer. Cloak hasn’t exactly been friendly to him. Villas isn’t seeming to hold a grudge and he and Murphy seemed to have resolved their differences. I can’t say the same for Murphy and Cloak though.

I’ve got to get back to the Ritual, Krishana is prepared for a third round. We’ll continue to delve into the unknown and continue to search for the cadets. I won’t let this tragedy deter this Academy from achieving its goals and I won’t let whomever assaulted us get away with this suffering forced on those under my watch. I’m going to prepare Master Dirk and a small contingent of the Watch to enter into one of the Portals we open. They will need to be quick if we’re to hold it open. I need to prepare briefings…. this needs to wait.

- Grandmaster Eios, 13th of Hammer in 1506DR

Log 5

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