Log 6

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The Final Portal

Enemies at the Gate Encounter

I’m so very tired. The magics required to open these portals are taking a toll on my old body. I’ll continue to endure until I can’t anymore. Krishana is already becoming worried about my physical condition and on more than one occasion she has sent Benecia to come see me. So far I’ve let my “human pride” prevent her from doing anything for me. Most of the cadets have been found, but two small groups remain lost. One is within the Feywild and the other is in the Shadowfell. We’ve had no luck with the Feywild Group and Jaffrey has offered to take his group into the portal to find them. The Shadowfell Group we can see, but they aren’t certain that the portal we’ve sent is for them. Mykel has offered to enter into the next one to bring them back.

William’s endurance continues to impress me. He has a strong sense of duty to what’s right, but there’s something deeper that’s bothering him. I’m not sure if it’s his father or he’s having doubts about himself. I should impress on him his importance to his family namesake even if he and his father cannot see eye to eye.

I’m still not convinced Lenore made the right decision when choosing to train with Master Krill. I think maybe she’s looking for answers in the wrong places or she’s concerned her magics won’t be powerful enough to protect her or destroy her enemies. I think she should continue studying and see what being an Evoker truly means. Perhaps she needs some personal motivation from someone she respects.

Carrow continues to be stalwart in his devotion to his diety. Which is an admirable trait, but he needs to expand his thinking when it comes to the pantheon of Gods. He needs to see them for what they truly are: A group of powerful beings working in tandem to balance the universe. Gods of a good nature are not so easily insulted when their Clerics listen or pay heed to the words of other Gods, unless of course they are complete diametric opposites in which case it’s bad.

Cloak seems to be getting closer to the others. I’m not sure if he’s beginning to trust them or seeing that they could be a useful tool to him. In either case, I think Cloak will end up choosing his companions over outside influences, but there’s still a lot of time left before that moment arises.

Krishana is pestering me, so I should probably end this entry for now. I think I will leave with an old draconic saying: “The Power of many wings will always draw more attention than the simplicity of two.” I’ve no idea what it means, but it has always felt poignant to me.

- Grandmaster Eios, 22th of Hammer in 1506DR

Log 6

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