Log 7

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You’re Our Only Hope

Not much to say tonight but it seems that the citizens of Baldur’s Gate are starting to take an interest in some of our up and coming cadets. William has been approached by one of his subordinates with a request from a citizen living near the river on the outskirts of the city who is in desperate need of help. It seems that something has the werewolves riled in the Cloak Woods. I wouldn’t blame the cadets for showing some interest we are after all trying to instill some sense of heroism in them.

William will most likely take the lead since its his subordinate that came with the request.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lenore’s entourage become involved at some point.

Carrow will of course come with the blessings of Ilmater for those in need, but with any luck his skills as a healer won’t be needed.

Cloak has been around and I’m certain he has no love of what remains of the Werewolves outside of the city. Plus there’s most likely some monetary gain to be had.

Well, I should get some rest. Tomorrow is a long day and I’ll be most interested to see what the cadets find out in the Bridge District. I hope they don’t fall into some deep hole with no way to get out. I’ll keep a watchful eye out to make sure they’re ok.

- Grandmaster Eios, 24th of Eleint in 1507DR

Log 7

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