Log 8

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The Darkest Night

The wolves in the mist hunt diligently. I don’t think Cloak quite understands that he’s not as adept as a hunter as a wolf is. He insists though and he’s forward scouting will land him in a situation where he can’t hide. It would be a shame to lose him so early, but such is the fickle fates of fortune – or something like that.

I find William’s action admirable, but far too agressive. While I consider myself a noble person I also pride myself on logical and stoic determination of the various situations I encounter. Was it wise to hunt the hunter, did he consider the disadvantage he and his companions would be at during the night. What if Cloak had been subdued, light is a magnificent cantrip but it can only shine so far and reveal so much. Disappointing.

Lenore continues to plague my mind. Is she trying anymore or has her training with Master Krill slowed her into a more meditative place. Don’t get me wrong I am pleased she has come to her senses and returned to Mistress Starfyre, but I am concerned she simply has no idea what she’s doing. I need to speak with Mistress Starfyre personally about this.

Carrow continues to strive towards his God’s ideals. Giving the sermon to the people of the Bridge District was an excellent idea. He brought hope to a people who have had nothing but sadness in the last several months. The offerings he received will be well used I am sure of it. Admirable.

Cloak craves confrontation, and THAT is not a good thing. He’ll likely die biting off more than he can chew. The priest of Jergal has been informed to expect another shortly. I don’t see Cloak ever reaching his second century. Such a loss.

I wish I could say I was more pleased but unfortunately I simply am not. All eight of my 4th year cadets are running around without focus. I had hopes that their time in the sewers and in the Shadowfell would’ve brought them closer together but it’s becoming clearer that I might very well have been wrong… I have been informed by The High Priestess of Ilmater, Benecia that I am perhaps being too critical on such young heroes. In my heart I believe she’s right, but my mind is telling me to steel myself for eventual failure. I should consult my auger.

- Grandmaster Eios, 25th of Eleint in 1507DR

Log 8

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