Log 9

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The Silent Night

William to the Rescue Encounter

Strange that I did not expect a cult of Cyric to arise in Baldur’s Gate. Although, I suppose one person does not a cult make. Thomas’ wife had grand plans, but to what end? Death? Destruction? Power? Chaos more likely. Why is Cyric rearing his ugly head now when the Gods are beginning to abandon this realm to its own devices.

William continues to perform as expected. He’s finding his footing, and his willingness to lay down his arms was well intentioned. He did all he could, and he saved one of the brothers in the process. It’s a shame about Roegar’s child. It’s a hard fact of life that many heroes need to deal with, and I am truly sorry it happened so early to William and his companions. I hope this doesn’t jade them.

Lenore’s knowledge has served her well. It pays off in the long run to read all those books, my dear. You’ll see. I’ve spoken with Mistress Starfyre and we’ve figured out her Test of Mettle. It should be interesting to see how she does when her time to test comes up next year. I do so enjoy watching wizards confront their tests. It reminds me of my youth.

Carrow’s religion has become a cornerstone to the community in the bridge district. Perhaps he’ll find himself with a flock sooner than expected. It will be hard once he begins to travel, perhaps I should speak to Benecia about setting a small shrine out there to oversee the townsfolk and keep tabs on the werewolves.

Cloak’s heart is in the right place sometimes. I still think he doesn’t long for this world if he continues taking the point. Sooner or later he’s going to run into something he simply cannot hide from and that will surely take him by surprise and with his companions being so heavily armored, save for Lenore, he’ll be stuck by himself for too long.

The final year is coming up for this small group of eight, and I must admit they’ve been both entertaining and clever. Watching Villas resolve his differences with Murphy and seeing Haley and Loo become so close has been a pleasant surprise. Seeing William seeking knowledge about his strange markings and Carrow grow out of his acolyte robes is as rewarding for me as watching Lenore find herself not only as a being of immense arcane power but a creature who has found inner peace. That leaves Cloak… the duality of his nature, and his dealings with one of the Thieves’ Guilds bothers me but with that said he has surprised me on occasion and I must admit; behind all the masks, the scars, and the suffering he has had to endure I think he might come out a hero in the end – even if that end is sooner than he would like.

- Grandmaster Eios, 26th of Eleint in 1507DR

Log 9

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