Meet Luagloth Helvimtor

Race: Drow
Class: Wizard (Evoker)
Year: 1st

Luagloth Helvimtor crawled out from the depths of the Underdark seeking refuge from the battling houses of the Drow. He quickly found that the above ground world didn’t much like his kind and he was quickly finding himself making more enemies than friends. The bright sun above didn’t help matters either, as he often found himself trying to find someplace dark to rest as the sun’s rays were disorienting to him. He spent over a year running; both from the Drow and his past, and the people of the towns he happened to try to sneak through.

Everywhere he went he tried to explain he was a refugee just trying to escape from the brutal politics that reigned down below, but no one cared, no one listened. It was just hatred and then anger followed by blood. He was finally cornered by a mob and it was apparent his death was at hand when a voice bellowed out from the crowd to back away. Luagloth stood quietly as a man in armor came walking up and said he would deal with the Drow. The crowd stood and watched as the man put him in shackles and assured him no harm would come to him. When the man finally led the drow away from the mob he explained he was a paladin named Mykel and he had been sent to find him and to bring him back to the Hero Academy to speak with Grandmaster Eios.

When they returned Eios convened with Krishana to determine whether the Drow was speaking the truth about being a refugee. It took some time, and much discussion with Luagloth but eventually they believed his story. Eios informed Luagloth that while he could help him for some time he could never remove the stigma of being a drow. His life above ground would be an uphill battle of always trying to gain the trust of others. He then offered to allow him to stay and to take part of the Academy’s training regimen. Luagloth was grateful and accepted, at the very least he would have room and board.

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