Master Dirk

Meet Master Dirk

Roles: Paladin Trainer, Commander of the Watch

Master Dirk has been a long time Paladin of the God Torm. He like so many other paladins have taken up the banner to defend the lands of Faerun against evil. When the Academy popped up in Baldur’s Gate he headed there in hopes that he could help the fledgling society. When he did finally meet Grandmaster Eios he was impressed by his beliefs and vision for the Academy. He immediately offered his services as a guardian of the grounds. At first, this was Dirk’s role. He formed a small group of guardsman collected from the local Flaming Fists and offered them long-term contracts. These men formed the Academy’s watch. He spent several years commanding them until one day Grandmaster Eios approached him and asked if he wished to instead train young paladins to be who were joining the Academy. At first, Dirk was confused how he would be able to train paladins from OTHER gods but Eios assured him that his work with young minds would be beneficial even if all he knew was the word of Torm.

Dirk was not one to fear anything and accepted the role in addition to his role as commander of the watch. When he first met with his students he was overwhelmed by seeing so many paladins in one place at one time. All from different Gods, and all wishes to be better at what they were chosen to do. Dirk started to teach and found as he did his God’s name rarely ever came up. He found new knowledge from his students of other Gods and learned how to more readily deal with the tenets of other religions. He was not sure if this was what his God wanted or if this was just what he was meant to do. He has continued on training young paladins happily for several years all while keeping an eye out for enemies of his charge.

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Master Dirk

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