Master Flint Lockfist

Meet Master Flint Lockfist

Roles: Ranged Trainer, Member of the Watch

Of all the trainers at the Academy, Flint Lockfist is by far the most odd. As a hill dwarf he was raised above ground and learned at a young age that in order to live, one has to eat. So he trained as a hunter for most of his youth. Years of hunting has turned Flint into a marksman with both the crossbow and the sling. He has a great deal of patience when it comes to stalking quarry and bringing it down. What he doesn’t have patience for is.. people. Which would beg the question as to why he would choose to become a trainer of students. Flint, for all his skills with a crossbow and sling never really learned how to read as a child. It wasn’t until he met Grandmaster Eios that he finally learned. Being an right honorable dwarf he vowed to return the favor one day. When the day came that the Academy opened its doors. Flint came to return the favor from so long ago. He told Eios he would only stay for one year, and after that he have paid off his debt and he’d be on his way.

Well, that year came and went and Flint was all set to leave when he saw the next batch of cadets getting ready to enter into the Academy. One of those Cadets brought with him a crossbow and was showing it off to the others. Flint stood and watched the kid for awhile as he showed off his weapon and skill with it. That’s when he saw the errors in the Cadets shooting technique. Pride, or dwarven stubbornness got the better of him and he approached the cadet and started to drill him. He stuck around for another year to train the kid, but vowed he would leave when he was done. Several years have passed and Flint keeps swearing he’s leaving at the end of the year but has yet to actually walk away. Maybe this is the year, who knows? Not Flint, that’s for certain.

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Master Flint Lockfist

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