Master Lacon Krill

Meet Master Lacon Krill

Role: Monk Trainer

Master Lacon Krill was born and raised in the city of Waterdeep. He started off at an early age as a member of a street gang tied to one of the local thieves’ guild. He was part of a small group whose purpose was to protect the territory the guild had carved out for itself within the great city. One day his gang happened across a beggar in the streets, and thought they might have a little fun with the poor sap. As they approached him the man begged for spare coins but was instead met with brute force and violence. The gang started to beat on the poor beggar and for awhile the beggar covered up trying to protect himself. When suddenly, the demeanor of the beggar changed and he spoke, “I beg you, please. Stop this now. No one needs to get hurt. You’ve had your fun, now go.”

The gang members laughed at the poor slob and continued to beat on him. The beggar then surprised the gang when he started to fight back. One by one the gang members were laid out by this beggar until only Lacon was left. Lacon stood there in disbelief and asked how could one man do such a thing. The beggar looked at him, cracked his knuckles and said, “I believe you’ve been warned.” and with that he knocked Lacon out cold with a single punch.

Lacon woke up several hours later in a tuft of hay in the back of a moving wagon. Sitting next to him was the beggar. Lacon sat up quickly and looked around. The beggar was pleased that Lacon wasn’t permanently damage. He explained that he had decided to spare his life and bring him on a pilgrimage to the top of the world. Lacon didn’t immediately refuse but was hesitant. The beggar asked him if he wanted to learn how to fight like he did. Lacon did, and so started the training of young Lacon in the ways of the monk.

Lacon came to the Academy and immediately joined the ranks of trainers hoping to return the favor his master had given him. Only through living within humble means would one gain enlightenment, and only through sacrifice could one gain purpose. So it was that Master Lacon Krill was born.

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Master Lacon Krill

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