Meet Sir Mykel

Race: Human
Class: Paladin of Tyr
Compact: The First of Eios

This is the tale of the cursed paladin of Tyr, Mykel. Born during the Spellplague to a family devoted to the God Tyr, Mykel was raised as a followers of the God of Justice. He knew of honor, courage, loyal and all the things that make a man even-handed. He grew up knowing that some day he would join the ranks of Tyr’s faithful and spread his will across Faerun and then one day, Tyr was killed. His orders convened, not knowing what to do or whom to turn to. Their very existence was gone, their god had been destroyed. The Priests of Torm came to the rescue of Tyr’s followers. As loyal servants to the once ruler of Celestia, their master had taken his place, and they were told to offer the orders of Tyr a place amongst them, and were told to continue their devotions in respect of the fallen God. Some of the orders remained, but many chose instead to follow Torm. Mykel, a newly anointed Paladin chose to leave and follow his own path in Tyr’s name.

Mykel roamed as a paladin would; seeking wrongs to right and defending those who needed help. It was one such time that found Mykel aiding a small village from the onslaught of local bandits. The bandits had been strong arming the people for protection money and the villagers had had enough. When Mykel arrived they approached him and asked for his help. He offered it graciously and confronted the bandits. They initially put up a fight, but found that they were no match for Mykel and instead fled off into the forests. Mykel tracked down their leader and brought him back to the village and offered him to the village leaders. They accepted and in turn carted the bandit off to a larger city to lodge a complaint and have the man brought to justice. As a reward, a village elder gave Mykel a special shield. It was small, and not really usable for a man of Mykel’s size and try as he did to refuse compensation, the elder insisted. Mykel graciously accepted the shield and stowed it away. He took his leave, and wished the villagers good luck.

The next several weeks went by and Mykel started hearing things, strange things, voices out of nowhere, visions of a violent battle between a knight in shining armor and some blackened beast. Mykel couldn’t shake the visions and voices, and eventually one day he woke up, and the shield was sitting up against a tree. Mykel looked at it curiously, wondering how it got out of his pack. He picked it up and fiddled with it for a bit before going to put it away but found that he couldn’t let go of it. Try as Mykel did, nothing would separate him from the shield. Cursed, Mykel thought, and now so was he.

Mykel spoke with many clerics and wizards about removing the shield but as often as they tried, they could not remove it. Mykel was stuck with it, for whatever reason. When Mykel finally conceded to the fact he was stuck the shield, the shield spoke. Mykel was startled at first that the shield was speaking, but the voice, it was the same as the voice he heard before. The shield explained that it was crafted poorly and lived a lonely life as a shield that no one ever wanted to wield. It wanted to be used in battle, to help people, defend them. It chose Mykel when he came to aid the village, told the old man to give him to Mykel. Mykel wanted the shield to release him immediately, but the shield wouldn’t not until he had his fill of adventure and use. So, over the course of many years Mykel has used the shield hoping that one day it would release him, but as that time pressed on he came to see the duality of the shield keeping one of his hands, much like Tyr only had one hand, so did Mykel. Perhaps his God was living on in him, and though the shield is cursed, perhaps it was special. Mykel has since become very attached to his small shield and the curse attached to it. He keeps it as a point of pride. The shield is currently happy, and Mykel is more resolute now than ever that his God lives on in him.

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