Meet Rosalie Constance

Race: Human
Class: Druid/Monk
Compact: The First of Eios

Born and raised in Silverymoon by her druid parents, Rosalie lived a life outdoors among the trees and plants. She spent most of her life never leaving the High Forest. Until she met a druid who wanted to expand on what her parents had taught her. So, with her parents blessing she traveled off up into the mountains north of the forest and to the snowy peaks of Icewind Dale. It was on those frozen tundras that Rosalie come to a monastery of monks that her new mentor belonged to. This wasn’t an ordinary monastery, but one filled with monks who also happened to be druids. They studied a martial art that focused on using the druid’s ability to shape change in and out of human form in conjunction with their animal forms to create a type of disorienting combat that would confuse and surprise their enemies. Rosalie studied for several years under her new master before she was sent out into the world to defend the woodlands of Faerun.

The first thing Rosalie did was return home and visit her parents. She shared her story and the training she had endured. It was good to be home, and her parents were proud of her. She spent several days in Silverymoon before heading out into the High Forest. She spent months in those dark woods until she finally came out of its southern side. She was pleasantly surprised to be met with rolling hills and grasslands and so she continued her trek. Eventually her travels took her to the city of Baldur’s Gate. She had never seen such a large metropolis before. Admittedly, she was a bit curious. So she decided to wander around the city for awhile. At first, it was invigorating and fun but as she got deeper into the borders of Baldur’s Gate she began to feel ill at ease. This wasn’t the type of place she would want to stay for long periods of time, but it was different and something new.

She would spend a few days inside the city, checking out the sights and sounds. She spent many hours simply watching ships come and go on the sea. The sea was truly an amazing sight to her. She never seen anything like it. It’s beauty was awe-inspiring, and it was so massive. It was on the docks that she met a young halfling who introduced herself as Felicity. The two spoke for awhile and shared some stories. Felicity was curious if Rosalie wanted to meet some friends of hers. Rosalie was cautious, but knowing she could well defend herself she agreed. The two traveled to the Hero Academy where Rosalie was introduce to Badar, Jaffrey, Maximilien, Reinhardt, and Mykel. They all said their hellos and sat down to a meal together. Jaffrey explained the Hero Academy to Rosalie, and their quest. They were looking to add one more member to their compact, and they were hoping it would be a druid. Rosalie was curious, but wasn’t sure she could just abandon the woodlands. Jaffrey assured her that they would take time out to investigate any wrong-doings in the woodlands, and Reinhardt explained that he was a ranger and felt more or less the same way at first too. After a bit of convincing Rosalie agreed to join them and became the final member of The First of Eios.

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