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Welcome to the Sanctum! You need not look any further you have found The Hero Academy’s own tavern. In this place of respite you will be able to speak with the bartender and get his slant on how the Cadets are doing, or follow the Cadet’s exploits as they travel all across Faerun trying to be heroes. Word of mouth travels fast when you’re a part of the Academy and anything overheard is often repeated ad nauseum. So keep an eye out for some of the Cadet’s more colorful sayings and actions that have found their way back here to the Sanctum. Now, what can we get ya?


Ever wonder where all your firewood went?

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Have you heard the latest about the Cadets?

The bartender doesn’t just gossip about any one Cadet. He makes sure to talk about ALL the Cadets. I’m sure he’ll be happy to talk your ear off if you’re willing to buy a drink and have a listen.

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Lenore Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Entry 4 Entry 5
Carrow Entry 1 Entry 2 Entry 3 Entry 4 Entry 5
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Wait.. What did you just say!?

I plan to keep up to 10 of these on this page, but as needed I will add archives for you to browse.

Lenore asks to explore the crypts in the Shadowfell version of the Shrine.

“Hey guys, we should go check out the crypt under the shrine.”

William: “Yeah, let’s go check out the Crypt filled with undead in the Plane of Negative Energy…”

Carrow: “I’m gonna pass on that….”

Cloak: “Yeah, I’m going with No on that one.”

Lenore: “C’mon it’ll be fun!!”

The group stares quietly at Lenore who then just shrugs.

William asks Master Lockfist about a place to bathe:

“Is there someplace I can clean off?”

Master Lockfist: “There’s the well, and the horse’s trough.”

“I..uhm..I meant…”

Master Lockfist: “Somewhere to take a bath?”


Master Lockfist:“Right…uhm, ya got the horse trough and ya got the well.”

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