Scroll-Group Compacts


BY: Grandmaster Eios

Group compacts are a process I created some time ago for my adventuring party. It draws upon concepts of the Unity Bracelet we discovered and couples them with divine magics to monitor and aid the well-being of a group of people. The group compact is a simple process but first those who wish to form a compact must be willing to dedicate a part of themselves in order for the magic to work.

In an effort to make the bands of heroes that leave this Academy and head out into the world more effective we offer group compacts to any groups willing to undergo the trials to create one. First, the sacrifice must be made in the form of health. The more a group is willing to dedicate the more effective the compact will become.The party must permanently sacrifice at least 1hp but no more than 3hp to the ritual. This grants a use item feature to your bonded item. For levels (1-9) you can 1/day per party member heal a number of HP equal to the amount sacrificed during the casting or twice that amount from (10-19) and three times at (20).

Once the sacrifice is made then the process continues with the forging of spirits into the compact. Each member of the party must place what they are most attached to into the ritual circle. These items will not be lost but their inherent connection to the individual will form a magical bond directly to that person’s spirit. This requires them to always carry in order for the compact to work appropriately.The party must each choose 1 item. This item must always remain on their person in order to benefit from the compact. This item also grants a +1 bonus to saving throws.

The final aspect of the ritual requires a bond of familiarity amongst the group of heroes. This familiarity draws upon a unique aspect found between identical twins. The process to replicate this is somewhat difficult, but the process is made simple for those wishing to enact this rite. A group must enter into the ritual circle itself and be seated, holding hands and they must repeat following phrase no less than ten times. “Persvek mamiss, persvek ricin, persvek sepa yth re ir.” Which is Draconic for “In body, in mind, in soul we are one.” Once the chant has concluded the minds will meld in a fashion. "Upon completion of this the party members must each choose a language to lose. It is immediately replaced by a unique form of communication shared by the group. It is called “Twin Speech”.

It is our belief that this ritual coupled with the Unity Bracelets can make our bands of heroes a unique force of good for our world. There are various material components required for this ritual which may be purchased on your own or from the Academy. The components are a single shard of quartz, an ounce of dried bone meal, two identical gems of any kind. These items will cost you 400gp from the Academy or less if you have any of them or buy them yourselves. Only myself, and Krishana know the ritual itself and it cannot be taught currently. You can make your request to us directly.

Headmaster Eios,
Grandmaster Evoker

The Group Compact: Each player sacrifices 1-3hp, picks an item to be bonded to, and chooses a language to lose.

You gain the following:
1) 1/day each party member can heal HP equal to the overall amount sacrificed during casting.(x1 for levels 1-9, x2 for level 10-19 and x3 for level 20).
2) Your bonded item grants you +1 saving throws as long as it remains on your person.
3) You gain the language “Twin Speech” when speaking to members of the compact.

Scroll-Group Compacts

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