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The Hall of The Arcane is home to The Hero Academy’s Keeper of Scrolls. She chronicles the cadet’s discoveries and maintains a working library containing copies of their spell books. She, unlike the other members of the faculty doles out pearls of wisdom to anyone willing to listen to her. Have a question that you’d like answered; leave a message with the GM with “Dear Keeper” in the RE: and she might just answer.


Cool graphical representations of the Cadet’s spellbooks!

"Yes, yes… content is fun! You may notice that the cadet’s spell lists are on their Personal Pages but this is different, it’s cooler, it’s more colorful, more fun!" ~The Avatar of Redundancy Avatar

Lenore’s Spell Book / Carrow’s Prayer Book / William’s Runic Marks


Ask, and she may answer..or not, she’s fickle.

The Keeper is an NPC in this campaign. This section is meant for fun and is not by any means meant to be an actual help column for serious problems. Please keep that in mind, Thanks!

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You find a small box labeled “Misplaced”

The cadets are very fickle about what kind of equipment they use. Most of the time they’re happy with a set of armor and a good weapon, but on the odd chance that they happen across something of a magical nature. It will be listed here; its fate included.

—Items Found—

Treasure, treasure everywhere and not a piece to share.

Ring of the Swimmer – Grants the wearer a Swim Speed equal to their base movement.
+1 Full Plate Armor – AC 19
+1 Dirk – +1 to Attack Checks and Damage Rolls
Pearl of Power – 1/day as an action regain a spell slot of up to 3rd Level.
Kelemvor’s Judgment – +1 Mace if attuned +3 vs. Undead

—Items Lost—

“I swear you left that Elvish Longsword +1 right here.” ~Anonymous Rogue

Elven Commander’s Ring SOLD

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The Hall of The Arcane

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