Meet Villas

Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Year: 1st

Villas is a small time rogue who got caught trying to pick a noble’s pocket in Baldur’s Gate. The magistrate decided that perhaps instead of imprisonment for Villas that a stint at the Hero Academy might help bring him around. Grandmaster Eios agreed whole-heartedly and gladly accepted the convict. In order to make sure Villas served his sentence the magistrate wanted a spell placed on him, but the Grandmaster said that wouldn’t be necessary. All people who join the Academy are free to leave whenever they want. So, he gave Villas the choice: Leave and end up back in chains or come with him and stay at the Academy for a few years.

Villas wasn’t keen on either idea, but he knew what would happen to him if he got throw into a dungeon. So he opted for the safer route. This is his current fate: to serve out a sentence under little to no security in the hopes that perhaps he can slip away on some dark night and never be seen again in Baldur’s Gate.

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