William Journal Entry 1

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After almost two months of travel I have finally made it to the Hero Academy in Baldur’s Gate. Unfortunately I was unable to check out the city. The academy is a strange place but for some reason I am intrigued by it. The academy seems to train all sorts of professions. There are fighter, mages, rogues and even a large temple to train paladins and cleric. I am sure I will met a lot of interesting people.

I was able to meet a number of my teachers. Master Hale is a great warrior who claims to have been trained by Torm himself. Master Flintlock a gruff dwarf is our ranged weapons teacher. On our first day we met Master Eios. He is the strangest teacher we have met so far. He laid out the rules of the academy, which seem reasonable enough.

Our second day was, well it was strange and dangerous. After a full day of running in heavy armor and fighting with Master Hale, we were finally able to head to the main hall for dinner. During dinner Mr. Fogerty was poisoned. A cleric cadet named Carrow and I took him to the temple to have him healed by Mistress Benecia. Unfortunately he died before we could help him. As Mistress Benecia was attempting to raise him from the dead, the symbol of the Lord of three Crowns, the Mad God Cyric.

I left the temple to allow Carrow and Mistress Benecia to deal with this scary turn of events. I need to tell Master Hale and the watch what had occurred. As I was heading to the Main Hall, I noticed a group of Drow hiding in the corner of the court yard. I learned that they were here to kidnap a cadet by the name of Loo. I threw one of my dirks at the group and missed. Feeling outnumbered I raced to the main hall to let the teacher know what was occurring.

By the time I arrived Master Dirk had arrived with the Watch. I explained what was occurring and let Master Dirk take over the investigation. I planned on seeing what Master Dirk was going to do about the situation, but I learned that a Mage Cadet by the name of Lenore decided to head back to the dorms. I could not leave a young women to head into danger by herself, so I offered to escort her. She accepted, but I think she believed that she didn’t need protection. Maybe she’s right, but my honor insists that I help where I can.

William Journal Entry 1

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