William Journal Entry 2

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It was a rough day at the academy. I escorted Lenore to the dorms. She insisted on going despite the danger of the drow and I could not let her go alone. She is a very capable mage, but no one should be out when drow are around. I have heard stories growing up about the evil nature of the drow, but I will hold judgment until I see it with my own eyes. Despite that I was still nervous, after all they had already killed a man and were hunting another. So far Loo seems to be a good guy.

As we walked through the courtyard, I saw a Drow standing on one of the nearby roofs. He seemed to be watching the courtyard. I increased our pace and we were able to reach the dorms without incident. Inside the dorms, we heard the sounds of a room being searched. Lenore and I approached it cautiously. I was concerned by the situation, since I knew that the drow were looking for Loo.

I decided to take action and entered the room weapons drawn, but found no one inside the dark room. As I was lighting the candles on the desk to get more light, Lenore spotted a drow hiding under the bed. We fought the drow and were able to subdue her, although Lenore took a nasty hit to the shoulder with a dart.

We decided to take the drow to the temple, hoping that Mistress Benecia would know what to do with her. As we were heading across the courtyard we came across Cloak, Carrow, Haley, Murphy and Loo. They headed over to us and helped us get to the temple unharmed, although we did notice a number of drow watching us from the roof tops. Once inside we handed the unconscious drow to Mistress Benecia to take care of.

Cloak informed us that the drow were heading toward us and I had Loo bar the front door while Cloak climbed into the rafters to surprise the drow when they arrived. The drow were coming for Loo and it was obvious that he did not want to return home with them. I pledged to defend Loo with my life as I felt that on one should be forced to do something against their will. I took up a defensive position in front of the main door and by doing so I learned a very valuable lesson. The enemy does not always come from the direction you expect.

Eight drow crashed through the stain glass windows and dropped to the floor to engage us. We fought them off as best we could, but Murphy and Haley went down in the fight. Carrow held his own and Cloak shot darts from the ceiling aiding our efforts. Lenore took out a few of the drow with very potent magics. It was impressive. Loo on the other hand decided to loo one of the drow bodies instead of fighting. I did not see what he took because the last remaining drow fled to the back of the temple. I gave chase.

In the back shine I found a stairwell going down into dark catacombs. I didn’t have to venture far into the catacombs before finding the drow being threatened by a skeleton. I made a deal for the drow surrender and proceeded to fight the skeleton. The magic holding the skeleton together was pretty weak and the skeleton fell to my weapons quickly. I escorted the drow back to the main part of the temple.

I learned from the drow that Loo was a noble of his house and that his family wanted him back. It seems that in drow society the women are in charge and the men are regardless only slight more than slaves. It seems like a horrible society to me.

Master Dirk arrived and took care of the prisoners for us. There was some question on whether they would be killed by the Flaming Fist’s if they were turned over to them, but Haley assured me that they would receive the proper justice for their crimes. We also learned that Mistress Benecia had left of the main temple of Ilmater in town. She was investigating the sign of Cyric that appeared on the dead teacher and would not be back for some time. Carrow will take over her position until she returns.

William Journal Entry 2

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