William Journal Entry 3

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It started as a field trip into the city but is not something a lot more dangerous. We left the Academy with Master Flintlock. He took us to an abandoned building somewhere in Baldur’s Gate and told us that we were to locate an object he had hidden within the building. After about three hours of searching we came to the realization that Master Flintlock had taken us to the wrong building. We agreed to not mention his mistake to anyone.

We sat down to enjoy some refreshments before heading back to the Academy, when the building began to shake. The floor fell out from under us and we fell almost 60 feet into the sewers below. We were able to let Master Flintlock, who had not fallen, that we were OK and decided to look for a way back to street level. That task is taking more time than any of us anticipated.

We seem to be in a closed off section of the sewers, separated from the main sewer area. During our exploration we discovered a lot of creatures and had to defend ourselves. We have battled Bullywugs, Bugbears and numerous undead, especially Ghouls. So far we have managed to defeat these enemies although some of the battles were close.

Having explored the entire section of sewer, we were unable to find a way out. We did discover a sewer grate that lead out to the city, but the bar were too close together for us to slip through and too strong for us to break. If we need to we could take the time to chip away at the bars, but we have decided to look for another way out.

We eventually located a secret passage way that lead into a strange section of the sewers. The darkness in this section seemed unnaturally dark and even Lenore’s magic light was somehow dimmed by this Evil. We fought a lot of undead creatures in this section and found a strange altar. There were a number of demonic symbols all over the area and when we got too close demons attack us. This was one of the fiercest battles I have even been apart of. Lenore and Carrow were knock unconscious a few time and had to be relieved by Healing potions. Cloak and I did not fare much better as the demonic creatures ripped into us something fierce. But in the end we prevailed.

We decided to sleep in one of the more secure rooms to regain our energy. There does not seem to be an obvious way out, but we will try again in the morning. So far we have been down here for a little less than three days. If we can’t find a way out, I think I will suggest trying to dig away at the bars we found earlier. Of course, we have already found one secret door, so it may be possible that there are more around here.

I am not proud of my performance today. Carrow and Lenore were severely hurt today by the demons. I should have protected them better. I should have taken the blows instead of them. They count on me to protect them and I let them down today. I cannot let that happen again. When I get back to the Academy I will talk to Master Hale. Maybe he can teach me ways to keep my companions safe.

William Journal Entry 3

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