William Journal Entry 4

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After dealing with the demonic forces in the sewers, we were able to determine that the symbol of Asmodeous is used to open the sewer grate. Finally able to escape we headed directly back to the Academy to let everyone know that we were ok. Strangely, despite being gone for more than three days, no one seemed to miss us. Master Dirk was surprised to find out that we had left the compound of the Academy, but after explaining the situation to him, he simply walked off.

We went to go find Master Flint. We learned that he too had not returned to the Academy. We were afraid that he may have gone after us in the sewers and wanted to let him know we were all right before he did anything rash. Against Cloak’s objections, we left the Academy again and headed back to the building where this whole thing started. Sure enough we found Master Flint camped outside the collapsed building trying to dig his way down to the sewers. Master Dirk was also there yelling at Master Flint for loosing students.

We decided to intercede and Master Flint was happy to see us alive and well. Master Dirk did not say any more about the issue and we all headed back to the Academy. Strangely nothing else was said about the incident. I am not sure if Master Flint got into any real trouble, but for us Cadets it was back to business. I went back to classes and it was apparent that Master Beatle was not even aware that I was gone.

This school is very strange, but I have learned a lot so far.

William Journal Entry 4

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