The Hero Academy

The Academy Years - Year Five (Bloodmire Manor)

The cadets have each received their Tests of Mettle and must pass them in order to graduate from the Academy. They have decided to work together in hopes that they can succeed at their Tests. First up is Carrow, the Priest of Ilmater.

The Test: Go to Bloodmire Manor in North Baldur’s Gate and cleanse the Undead infestation that has held the merchant’s district in fear for almost a decade.

Carrow: Spent quite a bit of time researching Bloodmire Manor and its history. Found out that it was owned by a local Noble by the name of Alluvia Bloodmire. She has been trying to sell her old home for several years to no avail. He also went to the Temple of Kelemvor in order to gain some insight or help with the Manor. He was able to purchase a scroll of Speak to the Dead, but nothing much came of the encounter.

Lenore: Also spent time in the library but was researching her own Test of Mettle.

Cloak: Took to the streets of Baldur’s Gate to gather information about the Manor. The majority of the people he spoke with warned him to stay away from the place, but no real useful information was gained.

William: Spoke with the Captain of the Flaming Fist to get information. He was introduced to a Wizard who has been trying to solve the problem of Bloodmire Manor for several years. Learned that some sort of Negative Energy field encapsulated the grounds and manor.

Later in the day: Carrow and Lenore went to speak with the Lady Alluvia Bloodmire who is currently living in the Garden District.

While speaking with the Lady Alluvia Bloodmire it was ascertained by Lenore that she was being deceptive with some of the information she was giving them. The two left believing she was almost certainly involved some way with the Manor’s current problems.

That Evening: William hatched up a plan to manipulate the city of Baldur’s Gate to sell them the Manor should they cleanse it. The plan was a success and should the Cadets cleanses the estate they will be permitted to buy it for 1,850gp.

The Following Morning: The Cadets arrived at Bloodmire Manor and entered past the guards at the main gate. They were locked inside.

The Main Grounds: Nothing of much note was found searching the grounds of the estate. The Cadets entered into the Manor proper.

The Manor: The Cadets found the main hall to be guarded by two huge swarms of zombies. These were dispatched. The Cadets then found the stairs leading to the basement which were guarded by two strange looking zombies bound to the walls near the stairway. They decided to leave them for later and checked the last room. The last room was infested with some kind of strange Fire Beetles. They mopped them up quickly and proceeded back to the stairs where they fought the two guards. This fight was difficult and the two Blood Spawns psychic scream aura ripped through William, and the Spawnlings that were created were slowly starting to overwhelm but through teamwork and perseverance they won the day.

The Cadets retired for a Long Rest in the Beetle lair.

The Basement: The following day the cadets make their way down to the basement only to be met by a pack of mutated wolves. Part wolf, part construct these beasts have metallic plates of armor attached to their bodies as well as sharps metal quills on their tails. They pose a small challenge to the cadets, but the beasts themselves leave the cadets wondering who could do such a thing. The rest of the basement is much of the same with humanoid and beast constructs littering the area. They find themselves trapped in some twisted world of flesh, magic and insanity. More wolves, and even fallen members of the Church of Kelemvor and the Flaming Fists confront them.

The Guardian: Having searched most of the basement the cadets enter into a larger room with a grated floor and a hatchway leading further down, but their path is blocked by a large mutated dire wolf and several of the smaller wolves. The dire wolf has had a second head attached and had an acid breath that caused pools of acid to collect on the floor. The fight was difficult but with smart tactics the cadets prevailed over their enemies allowing them access to the hatchway leading further down.



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