Special Thanks to…

Kettle & Kathea for gifting me an ascendant account

Wolfhound, Killervp, Kallak and ChainsawXIV for their great templates, information and insight into OP as a platform for Wikis.

Credits for my map of faerun, the underdark and deity symbols goes directly to WoTC. I don’t know who did the Map of Toril but Thank you too.

Thanks to pretty much ANY wiki devoted to the Forgotten Realms, it’s Lore, Geography or really any useful information about the Campaign setting. Also thank to Ed Greenwood for making Toril a living and breathing place for me to run my game in.

I’d like to thank the community of OP as a whole. Your wikis, code, and images have really helped me focus my efforts into making a wiki of my own.

All the images I’ve created for my wiki have been done with a great freeware photoshop clone.

Finally, I’d like to thank my friends and players.. with whom I couldn’t even run a game if I wanted to and everyone else I might’ve missed in these credits.



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