William Journal Entry 10

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Carrow’s Test of Mettle seemed straight forward, so we decided to tack it first. The Test was to clear out an old manor near the Merchant District in Baulder’s Gate. It seems very strange that this manor has been swarming with undead for a few decades. Apparently everyone who has been inside has died and joined the undead ranks.

I spoke with the Captain of the Flaming Fist. I knew that if we were going to be a group after graduation we needed a base of operations. I convinced the Captain and a few nobles to allow us to purchase the Manor if we were able to clear it of undead. The group agreed to pitch in on the purchase. All we had to do is clear the manor; something no one had been able to do in a few decades.

We researched the house and met with the previous owner; a lonely noble women. We would come to learn that she was a powerful Lich. Sadly we didn’t realize this until after we cleared the manor. Clearing the manor was a difficult job. There was a lot of undead through the manor. The first floor was actually quite small, but the underground levels were much more difficult to deal with.

In the end, the Test was very straight forward. We work well together as a team and that helped us deal with the challenges inside the Manor. There were quite a few traps, just I was surprised to find in a house. We still do not know what the Lich was using the house for. We don’t even know why she left. Maybe it was because the city surrounded and blocked it off. Maybe it was something else. In the end we cleared the house and now have a place to live.

I was able to convince the Priest of Jurgle, Eos’s brother, to clear out the dead bodies left inside the manor. Lenore and my servants came in and helped clean up the house. We have a lot of plans for the manor including increase the size of the ground level. It is going to help us establish ourselves in the Hero Academy.

Back at the Academy Carrow met with the bartender and received a medallion signifying that he had completed his Test of Mettle. Next up was Cloak’s Test.

William Journal Entry 10

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