William Journal Entry 11

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Cloak’s test of Mettle was a little more complicated. There was a member of the thieves’ guild who controlled the docks. This thief was hurting a lot of people and the Hero Academy wanted him removed from power. It seems to me that it was more of a loyalty test for Cloak then actually wanting a thug out of the city. Cloak is still a part of the thieves’ guild and as far as I know he was still pulling job and paying his dues in his spare time. The Hero Academy wanted him to choose between the Guild and the Academy.

Cloak does not seem to be a sneaky person at heart. Sure he hides and uses cover and darkness in combat, but his tactics are not subtle. He is a very straight forward strong arm. I am not an expert on thieves, but I felt that a subtle touch was needed for this Test. It was not my Test though and Cloak decided to be his normal straight forward self.

In the guise of his bodyguards, Cloak took us deep into the thieves’ territory and eventually into the secret areas of the thieves’ guild itself. We eventually met with the guild master. When we met him he was not wearing pants. Yes that’s what I said. He was not wearing pants. He acted almost senile. It was obviously an act to through people off.

Cloak attempted to convince the Guild master to get read of the thug controlling the docks. Cloak told him that if he got rid of the thug, Cloak would spy on the Hero Academy for the guild. I was surprised that Cloak would state this in front of us, but again Cloak is not sneaky or subtle. The ploy did not work. The guild master not only had spies in the Hero Academy, but also know who we all were. Cloak could not recover from this. I think he expected the Guild Master to agree with him and finish his Test of Mettle right there. Again, I am not an expert on thieves, but I don’t think Cloak had offered a good enough deal for the Guild Master to betray one of his lieutenant; it would not be good for business.

Cloak was very upset after the meeting. He told us that normally he would simply assassinate the thug, but that would take a long time. The group offered him some ideas and Cloak listened. In the end, Cloak decided to confront the thug in his own territory. We headed to the docks to meet with him. The thug worked out of a tavern. Carrow, Lenore and I took up spots in the tavern while Cloak confronted the Thug. Cloak threatened to kill the thug if he didn’t leave the docks forever.

Unfortunately the Guild Master betrayed Cloak and had warned the thug that we were coming. The thug tried to have us killed and ran away during the combat. We defended ourselves, but now that the thug knew we were after him, he went to ground and began very difficult to locate.

In the end we didn’t really solve the problem. I do not know the details, but somehow Villas was able to convince another guild Lieutenant to take of the thug’s territory. Cloak brokered the deal with the Lieutenant and there for completed his Test of Mettle. I am glad Villas was able to help us out on this. I don’t think we would have been able to solve it otherwise.

William Journal Entry 11

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