William Journal Entry 12

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After completing Carrow and Cloak’s Test of Mettle, we decided to complete my Test before we tackled Lenore’s. We didn’t really know what my Test would be since my Test was to perform a service for the Grand Duke. We met with the Captain of the Flaming Fist who introduced us to the Duke. The Duke seemed like a snobby man who felt that putting on airs was very important. I swallowed my pride and gave him what he wanted.

The Duke ordered us to Candlekeep. Apparently the last few messengers failed to return from Candlekeep and the Duke wanted to know why. It seemed to be an easy enough task. We collected our gear back at the manor and Lenore decided to take her servant Blaine with us. The road to Candlekeep was long and tiring. On the road we passed a small army lead by a noble of different kingdom. Why the noble traveled with a large amount of men, it seemed like it was a precaution for protection.

On the way to Candlekeep we ran into a few diseased giants who tried to kill us. I was very tempted to do battle with them, but in the end we decided to talk to them. We learned that they had been diseased in a nearby dungeon. Carrow was able to heal them, but not until they agreed to leave the area and not hurt the people in the area. After that encounter we made it to the small town at the Base of Candlekeep.

We purchased a few rooms at the idea and stayed the night before heading up to the keep the next day. I was eager to get Lenore access to the great library. After speaking with the first scribe, I was able to get copies of the missing missives as well as get Lenore access to the lower library. While in the library Lenore overheard a conversation between the First reader and a strange man. Apparently the man wanted a specific book and the First Reader was unable to give it to him. The strange man cursed and threatened the First Reader before leaving.

At the Inn we meet a group of men from the north. These men worshiped a white worm in the north and told us that they were here to learn stories. We found out later that they were working with the strange man Lenore saw earlier. We gave them a lot of stories and they seemed very pleased.

The next day we were woken up by dragon attacking the town and the keep. We rushed out to help. I sent Carrow and Cloak to help the townsfolk, while Lenore and I headed up to the keep to help out there. We assisted in the battle. In the end the dragon dove into the lake near the keep and we never saw it again. Meanwhile we found that the First reader was fighting the strange man on the top of the tower. Cloak and Carrow met us at the keep and we rushed up the tower to help the First Reader.

It was difficult to reach the top of the tower. The floors were magically setup to only allow the First Reader to reach the highest levels. Through luck, smarts and determination we were able to reach the top. We reached the top just as the Strange Man defeat the First Reader in their magical duel. I was able to distract the strange man long enough for the others to get the First Reader off the tower. We learned that the strange man was a lich and took a very important book.

William Journal Entry 12

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