William Journal Entry 13

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It’s strange that my Test of Mettle would change my life so much. The other Tests we completed did not affect the others so much, but my test has changed not only my life, but the lives of the group, forever. The Lich has stolen a book for great evil and it is my responsibility to get it back.

We were able to save the life of the First Reader, but the Lich got away. Carrow healed the First Reader and luckily he was not upset that we broke the rules by entering his tower. The battle was wrapping up and the defenders of Candlekeep were cleaning up when we discovered that the magical ward protecting the Keep had gone down during the fight. The First Reader explained to us that Candlekeep had a Guardian that protected the keep. Somehow the Lich had prevented the Guardian from protecting the keep.

The First Reader asked us to find out why the Guardian did not defend the keep. The Guardian was located in a cavern underneath the keep. We headed down and explored the area. There were a number of traps, suggesting that people were not meant to be down there. Eventually we arrived at the end of the cavern and found a small lake with an island. The lake had a large whirlpool in it that made it difficult to reach the island, but eventually we did.

On the island we found a group of statues. The Guardian was encased in stone and we had to solve a group of riddles to free it from its imprisonment. After freeing the Guardian a black mist appear and began to surround us. The mist turned out to be the Guardian. At first it thought we had imprisoned it and stole the book it was guarding. The Guardian appeared to be a shadow or mist dragon of some sort.

After we explained the situation, the dragon took an interest in me. He stared at me and my tattoos began to glow and burn. The pain was incredible. I heard the dragon speak to me in my mind. He ordered me to find the book that the lich had stolen. At first I resisted, but the pain was too much and I agree to search for the book. I then blacked out.

When I awoke the group was leaning over me. They explained to me that the dragon told them that I had Dragon blood in me and that Dragons could use that blood to control me. They also explained that the Dragon had put a Geas on me to find the book. I was not aware of it, but somehow my mother had dragon blood in her family. This is where the tattoos and magic ability came from. I am really scared that searching for the book maybe my down fall.

We learned that the book was very dangerous. It was book of the Mad God. Anyone who read the book or hear the book read out load would go insane. It seems that the Lich wants to bring the Mad Dog back from death but increasing the god’s worshipers. Even without the Geas I would want to get the book back. The Lich is planning on driving hundreds if not thousands of people insane. I cannot let that happen.

Before we left I received copies of the missives from Candlekeep to the grand Duke of Bualder’s Gate to bring back with me. Even though he never really found out what exactly happened to the messengers, the Duke was satisfied with our service and I was able to pass my Test of Mettle. Speak with the group we came to the conclusion that I was not compelled to find the book right now, so we decided to complete Lenore’s Test of Mettle before we went in search of the book.

William Journal Entry 13

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