William Journal Entry 14

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The Abyss. It is such a dangerous place to send students; even students ready to graduate. We were supposed to kill a Magma Elemental and retrieve its heart. Lenore was reluctant to complete her Test; not because we had to go into the Abyss, but because she did not like the idea of killing a sentient creature for its gem heart. I don’t blame her; it did seem like a evil thing to do. Lenore and I thought that it might be a test to see if she would turn it down. After speaking to her Jaffrey it appeared to be a legitimate test.

Lenore’s mentor was Jaffrey, who was one of the old members of the Academy. I think he was one of the original founders. Jaffrey explained that may have tried this Test before, but no one had failed. He refused to give Lenore a good reason to kill the elemental other than the fact that the Gem could be used for a lot of different things. He must have convinced her because in the end she decided to go.
Cloak was excited to go after he found out that the area we were going to has a lot of Mithril. Carrow and Cloak wanted to get enough Mithril to make new sets of armor. I was reluctant. The Abyss is a very dangerous place and I was not sure if I would be able to protect the group. Still, Lenore needed to go and I could not let her do it alone.

Jaffrey opened a portal for us to the great city of Sigil. Sigil is a strange city. Everywhere you looked you found creatures from all over the multiverse. Good and Evil races walked the street trying their best to ignore each other. Some of the research we did before coming here was that Sigil was neutral territory and we were well advised not to cause any trouble. Jaffrey had supplied us with a map to the highest level of the Abyss, so we quickly made our way out of Sigil. It was a long walk but eventually we made it out of the city and as we transversed down the mountain the landscape changed.

We came to a small town at the bottom of the hill. It seems that this town use to be higher up on the mountain outside of the Abyss. Something happened to that cause the town to lose it’s neutral status and slip into the abyss. The townfolk were miserable and there were group of demons who regularly tormented the town. Lenore really wanted to help the town return to its neutral roots, but we needed to find the canyon where the Magma Elemental could be found. We asked around town and while the town folk were suspicious they pointed us in the right direction.

We travel across the desert for rest of the day before making camp. A hug sandstorm hit and we were forced to take shelter. In the morning we started to move out when we saw a large army of demon heading toward us. We hide and waited for the army to pass, but instead they began setting up camp near our position. We discussed our choices, and decided to try and sneak away from the camp. We got lucky, as the army was too busy setting up camp to notice us.

We continued on toward the canyon. After a few hours we came across a small camp. The men inside were human looking but strange. They appeared to be merchants so we decided to approach them. They were very nice and offered to share some food and water. They were in fact merchants and Carrow bartered with them. I do not remember what he got, but I remember that he traded away a vial of holy water.

William Journal Entry 14

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