William Journal Entry 15

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After we left the merchants camp it was only a few more hours to the canyon. Cloak was able to find a little mithril in the canyon but not enough for a full suit of armor. We ventured into a cave and at the back of the cave we discovered a huge Magma Elemental. We moved back and discussed whether we wanted to deal with an elemental of this size. We talked about looking for a smaller one, but decided to take on this one instead.

The fight was brutal. The Elemental cracked the ground causing Lava to spread throughout the cavern. Carrow fell into a lava pit at one point, but luckily he only lost his armor. We were able to defeat the elemental and aside from the Gem Heart Lenore needed we found another large gem and plenty of Mithril. We discussed fighting another elemental, but considering how difficult this elemental was, we decided not to risk it. He headed back to Sigil.

On the way back we decided to stop at the merchant camp again, if it was still there. It was, but it appeared as if it had been attacked. Inside the camp we saw two of the merchants and a group of strange insect creatures. I figured that the insect creature had attack the merchants, but wasn’t sure. I decided to talk with them. They didn’t see to speak any language we knew, but then we found out that they used telepathy to communicate. They tried some kind of psychic power to control my mind, but it didn’t work. Seeing that they were hostile we defended ourselves and were able to defeat them and free the remaining Merchant.

Once the insect men were defeated it took about an hour for the mind control to ware off of the merchant. We agree to accompany him back to Sigil and continued our journey. On the second day of our travel back we found the army of demons still camp in the same spot. We decided to make sure there was a lot of distance between us and them and went around. After many hours of travel we arrived back in the depressing town.

Lenore really wanted to help them. I didn’t think there was much we could do for them, but was willing to try. We checked into an inn and questioned the inn keeper. We found out that there were no Demon enforces currently in town. We ask about how the city fell to the abyss, but the Innkeeper could not really remember. He remembered that the town had a large party and when they all woke up, they were in the abyss. We learned that there were a number of spies in the town that would inform the Demons if people got out of line and toyed with the idea of getting the in trouble with the demons. In the end we could not come up with a good plane to help the town. Lenore and I agreed to come back later when we had more time to help.

He checked out the inn without staying the night and headed back to Sigil. In Sigil we met a man with a portal to our world, but the portal would take us to the other side of the world, so we decided to look for a better portal. Eventually we found a mechanical golem man who not only had a portal to Bualder’s Gate but also made new mithril armor for Cloak and Carrow. Eventually we made it back to the Hero Academy and Lenore completed her Test of Mettle.

William Journal Entry 15

The Hero Academy kettle