William Journal Entry 16

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This place never gets boring. We had completed our Tests of Mettle and spent the rest of the year working on individual training. When graduation came we were ushered into the great hall. I was happy to see that Haley, Villas, Murphy and Loo had completed their Test of Mettle too. Haley told me that they had to go into the Underdark for Loo’s test. It sounded really exciting.

Eos appeared and started the cemernoy. We presented our medallion showing that we had completed out Test’s and were shown into a special place in the Sanctum. This room had a creepy ghost that would help us. We could research magic, borrow items or just relax. It was an area only graduating members of the Academy were allowed in. We then went outside into the court yard for the final presentation.

Before Eos could complete the ceremony a large white dragon attacked the Academy. Riding atop the Dragon was the Lich from Candlekeep. The teachers began mobilizing and attacked the Lich and his dragon pet. The group and I worked to save the graduation guests. A lot of them were younger students. We were able to get them indie the Great Hall. A lot of good people died that day. The white dragon’s ice breath froze people where they stood. It was a horrific sight.

We heard some noise coming from upstairs and rush to investigate. We found a large number of strange ice imps in the halls. We fought them down the hall until we came to a room. It appeared to be Master Eos’ personal chamber. Inside was a portal and more Imps were entering the room through it. I raced in and attacked the portal and was eventually able to destroy it, and then we finished with the rest of the Imps. One imp got past us, but the 100 or so young students downstairs took care of it.

By the time we got back outside the battle was over and the Lich had flown away. Dozens of students and a few teachers lay dead in the courtyard. I don’t know how to say it, but we lost Master Eos that day. The Lich had killed him. We were all horrified by this. We didn’t have much contact with Master Eos, but we all thought he was a good man. He saved us when we were trapped in the Fell plane in our second year. Mistress Krishana took over control of the Academy.

We never found out what the Lich was after. Was there something in Master Eos’ bedroom he wanted? Or was he there just to kill Master Eos. We need to find out. The Lich never used the curse book he had stolen from Candlekeep, but Lenore did see that he had it in his hand at one point so we know he still has it. We decided to create a compact with our group and it was decided that we would head north to look into the roomers of the Great White Wyrm. It cannot be a coincidence the group from the north worship’s a white dragon and the Lich has one as a pet. We must get that book and make sure the Lich never hurts anyone ever again.

William Journal Entry 16

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