William Journal Entry 23

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We packed a few extra rations as we prepared to investigate why communications had stopped coming from the front. The Purple Dragon Knight lead by Lord Huntsilver had cornered the Orcs in the King’s forest. Lenore was charged with finding out what was going on. It was a difficult situation for me. There is no love between the Purple Dragon Knights and Sembia. I would have to tread lightly in any military advice I offered. Luckily the task was given to Lenore and we could use her authority as a noble of the Crownsilvers to make suggestions.

It took us over a day to reach the first Picket line. The soldiers did their job well. We were stopped and searched. Lenore provided her Peerage and the letter from the King. We were allowed to pass without much issue. The first camp we arrived at was a relief station. A large number of soldiers were injured and sick. We met with the captain of the camp and were told that the orcs were using some type of acid attack and it was wreaking havoc on the soldiers. Carrow and I offered our services and the Captain accepted. Carrow was able to save a large number of lives with his healing abilities. With my limited field training I was able to help bandage minor wounds.

We left the medical camp after about 2 hours and headed to the Front. We were again met by camp guards and after identifying ourselves we were brought to the tent of Lord Huntsilver and the Oversword. We greeted the lord. He was shocked that the Crownsilvers had sent Lenore instead of her brother the Duke. He was also not pleased to meet me, since I was a Sembian. Lenore took charge immediately and began asking the Lord about the war.

We learned a lot of interesting things. Each fact seemed unusual by its self, but put together it create a very dangerous situation. We learned that the Orcs were from a single tribe of ashen colored Orcs. None of us had ever heard of orcs such as these. We also learned that the Orcs were in league with Ogres and Ogre Magi. This disturbed us greatly. Finally we learned that there was also undead in the forest. We concluded that someone must be controlling these different creatures.
The Lord told us that they had a body of one of the Orcs and we decided to investigate it for clues. The Orc had a ritualistic scar on his body over his heart and strange runes in his tunic. We could not find any significance to either. After checking the body physically and magically, we learned that the creature was not a true Orc. We concluded that the Orc must be from a different plane other than the Prime Material Plane. The questions continued to out weight the answers.

We also learned that the acid being used against the soldiers came from a black dragon. Lord Huntsilver only knew of one dragon, but it had been killed centuries ago in the founding of the Purple Dragon Knights. We knew that we had to stop the supply of dragon acid to help the soldiers in the war. I was reluctant to deal with a dragon, especially after learning that I had some kind of link to them.

We returned to Lord Huntsilver and reported our findings. Earlier I had suggested to Lenore that she ask for a rite of service from the Lord. I suggested that Lenore get a rite stating that we will be acting as an independent group behind enemy lines in service to the Purple Dragon Knights. Cloak felt that we didn’t need permission to go into the forest and deal with the issue. The Lord agreed and we retired to a group of tents provided to begin planning our next action.

Alone in the tents I tried to explain to Cloak that the delicate politic nature of Comyr required that we not only get permission to help but also make it clear that we are acting under the command of Lord Huntsilver and the Purple Dragon Knights. If things go badly, I did not want the Crownsilvers to take the blame for our actions. If things went good then the Huntsilvers retain their honor. It’s a win win. I don’t think Cloak understand, as he still insisted that we would simply go where ever we wanted anyways. I would think his time in the Baulder’s Gate Thieves guild would have taught him about politics, but I guess not.

Lenore wanted to learn more information about the forces we were up against, so she sent her Raven into the forest to scout. It took about two hours for her raven to scout the forest, but we gained a lot of information about the Orc movements. The front line of the orcs was a mere 100 yards from the forest edge. Each camp had a prisoner lashed up to a pole. They seemed to be starving them. We later learned that the Ogre Magi had a pen of whelpling Black Dragons. The Orcs would cut the prisoners and the dragons would breathe on them. The Ogre Magi would then extract the dragon’s acid from the bodies and raise them as undead. This is where they were getting the acid from.

We found a camp with six dragons and decided that this camp was the best place to attack. We still had not learned who the leader was or where his/her camp was. We were sadly out of time. Lord Huntsilver informed us that he had sent a message to the king suggesting that the King’s Forest be burned to the ground. This is the most ridicules thing I have ever heard. If they light the forest on fire, the Orcs would simple escape out a different side of the forest. They could not cover the entire perimeter of the forest with fire to trap them all. It is simply reckless.

We raced to the camp. Our only hope was to destroy the dragons and find the leader. If we could do that, we might prevent them from lighting the forest on fire. As we moved through the forest we encountered on of the acid traps. Carrow was doused with Acid and damaged pretty bad. A few healing spells got him back up, but we were forced to move more cautiously. We made it to the camp and found the dragons along with two Ogres and a dozen orc warriors. We knew that an Ogre Magi was in the area as well.

We setup a pretty good ambush and were able to take out the two Ogres before they could do much damage, but the Orcs began to surround us. We fought hard, but Carrow and Lenore both went down under the orc’s assault. We were able to heal them back up and keep fighting. Near the end of the battle an invisible creature, most likely the Ogre Magi, opened the dragon pen. Carrow sacrificed himself to close the door and was beaten down by the orcs nearby. I was able to heal him up and between Lenore, Cloak and I we took down the remaining Orcs. That is when the Ogre Magi appeared behind Lenore.

The Ogre Magi knew that she was a member of the Crownsilver family. There must be a spy in the camp. If there is, then the orcs will know when the knights try to burn down the forest. That advanced notice will allow them to escape or attack. We fought the Ogre magi, but in the end he magically created a stone wall in front of us. By the time I got over the wall he was gone.

I hate that we will probably inform his leader about us, but there was nothing we could do about it.
We have to keep going. We need to find the leader and cripple this army’s ability to react to the Purple Dragon Knights. It’s going to be a dangerous day.

William Journal Entry 23

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