William Journal Entry 25

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After capturing two of the three Ogre Magi lieutenants, we had Carrow cast a Zone of truth spell to get some information out of them. One of the Ogres resisted the magic of the spell and was uncooperative. We learned that the leader of their army was located in the Stormhorn Mountains behind us. We also learned that the young boy she had was in fact an heir to the Cormyrian throne. She planned to somehow control this child and place him on the throne so that she could control Comyr.

We convinced on of the Orgres to draw us a map of the camps so that we could safely take them to the Purple Dragon Knights as prisoners. I did not want to kill them in cold blood. We started back to the Purple Dragon Knight camp with the Ogres in tow. After heading out we realized that we did not ask the Ogre to make out the traps in the forest, so we asked him to do so. He refused. Things got out of hand at this point.

Cloak threated to kill the Ogre. I hesitated in trying to stop Cloak and before I reacted, Cloak had killed one of the Ogres. I blame myself. I am fully aware that Cloak as little value in life and knew full well what he would do. My hesitations to stop him lead to the Ogre’s death. It’s not honorable killing someone when they are a bound helpless prisoner. I should have stopped him.

I decided to risk the traps and we continued to the Purple Dragon Knight camp. We made it with very little trouble. The camps we passed were empty. Apparently the Orcs we still surrounding the fog assuming we were still trapped. Lord Huntsilver greeted us and seemed pleased that we brought back a prisoner. We gave him a full report and told him that we intended to head into the StormHorn Mountains to seek out the leader. He was hesitant. He didn’t want anything to harm Lady Crownsilver, but he realized that we were the best group to challenge this leader.

After resting up a bit we headed out to the mountains. We StormHorn Mountains are separated by a single pass. This made it easy to start searching for the leader’s hideout. We quickly discovered a little used trail that lead deeper into the mountains and followed it up. The grade was steep and we had trouble traversing some of the loose rock that lead up to a higher trail. Eventually we made it up and follow the trail into a deep gully. As we walked through the gully we were being watched. We would occasionally see a shadow that we suspected of being a dragon. Eventually we made to the end of the gully and found a number of cave openings. After investigating the area, we discovered one of the caves had recent track leading into it, so we headed down.

The Dragon’s cave was hot and damp. The passage led to a small chamber where the Dragon, about the size of a large horse, sat staring at us. Cloak was able to sneak into the chamber before the Dragon became aware of us, but the rest of the group was clearly in its sights. Without the element of surprise we decided to attack. As we entered the chamber he heat vent began pumping out a thick cloak of smoke. Soon the entire chamber was covered in a hot white cloud of smoke, preventing us from seeing the dragon’s movement.

The battle was difficult. The dragon used the cover of the smoke with skill. I stalked the beast as best I could and was able to get a few blow off on it before it would run off into the smoke. Cloak was able to put cloaks over the vents to reduce the steam coming out of them and after a bit the smoke began to clear. Once the dragon’s advantage was neutralize, we were able to defeat it.
It was a difficult encounter.

Sadly, the chamber was obviously meant for the dragon and there was no sign or clues leading to the leader. Still it is good that we were able to remove one of her allies before we faced her.

William Journal Entry 25

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