William Journal Entry 26

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After killing the black shadow dragon we rested for the night. In the morning we headed back out into the mountains to find the leader of the Orcs. We followed a path further into the mountains that seemed the most likely. Eventually we found a small river and followed it until we came to a large waterfall. We could see a cave above us where the waterfall started.

Climbing the mountain up to the cave was difficult. I was able to levitate up to the cave and Cloak and I helped the others up. The cave was dark, so Lenore cast light on my sword. The river flowed through the middle of the cave, but we were able to walk on the side of the river. We continued into the cave and eventually the water disappeared under the rock. We came to a central cavern with a large hole in the middle. The room had only one passage leading from it, so we decided to investigate it first. Inside the cavern was a lush paradise. The room was hot and had a large amount of steam in it. As we were searching the room, Cloak found a chest filled with gold, covered by the overgrown vegetation.

We continued searching the room and found a strange patch of wilted ground. It appeared as if the ground in this area was diseased. I poked at the wilted grass with my scimitar and suddenly the ground around us began to rot. We raced out of the cavern. We watched from the entrance as the lush green vegetation was over taken by the rot. Soon the vegetation has all rotted. We could see that there was a small hole where the rot originated. I cautiously went to the hole. I could not see anything through it and it was too small for any of us to climb through, but I did hear a distinct snoring sound. Something was down there.

With no passages in this room we headed back to the large hole in the central cavern. We climbed down about two hundred feet. Once down we found two passages leading out of the cavern. We decided to check out the right passage as that was the direction of the snoring I had heard up stairs. The passage led to a large cavern. At first we did not see anything in the room. After careful scrutiny we noticed that there was a large sleeping black dragon. His body covered by dirt and vegetation.

Lenore was concerned about being attacked from behind if we engaged the dragon so we decided to check out the passage to the left. The left passage led to a room of immense treasure. The entire room filed with gold, silver, platinum and gems. Not seeing much else we decided to deal with the dragon first. We headed back into the right cavern and set up our ambush. Our plan did not work very well, the dragon was obvious aware of our presence. The fight was rough, but in the end we were able to sly the foul beast. As the dragon died he screamed out a warning the reverberated throughout the cavern.

We hadn’t seen anything in the treasure room, but could hear running coming from that room. We decided to wait for whoever was coming toward us. Eventually a single kolbold entered the cavern and Cloak took it out with a single arrow. We waited a bit and started hearing a strange sound coming from the left cavern. I sent Cloak to investigate. He went back to the treasure room and wasn’t gone very long when we called out for us to hurry. He claimed that the treasure was being taken and when we arrived in the room we saw a large portal sucking the treasure into an extra dimensional space.
Sitting on a throne that we had not seen before was a woman. We told us to enter and we did.

Through questioning we were able to discover that she was in fact the leader of the orc army. She told us that she did not have the heir to the Comyrian throne with her. She claimed that he was still in one of the cities. I did not believe her. She claimed to be the mate of the dragon that was killed by the Purple Dragon Knight centuries ago. She told us that Comryr was her land first and that she would destroy all of Comyr to get her land back. I told her to disband her army and to leave Cormyr forever.
She surprised me by offering to negotiate the withdrawal of her army from Comyr.

I did not trust this woman, but could not see any alternative. I suspected that she would offer us a false deal and betray us. She felt that this was her land and it was obvious she wanted revenge for the death of her mate. I am not a noble of Comry and it did not seem right to negotiate for that country. Lenore was a noble of Comyr, but her mission was to observe and report. We had already done more than the King wanted.

Luckily Cloak solved the problem for us as he fired an arrow at the woman.

She yelled that humans could not be trusted and called for her guards. Then she transformed into her massive dragon form that took up a quarter of the room. We could hear the fluttering of wings as her dragon brood came to her aid. It was going to be the most difficult fight we had ever experienced.

William Journal Entry 26

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