William Journal Test of Mettle

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We arrived back at the academy for our fifth year. The group was very nervous about out Test of Mettles and had no idea what to expect. It turns out that the majority of the year is devoted to the Test of Mettles, which is good because there turned out to be very difficult. We didn’t have any regular classes by we could work with the teachers at our leisure when we weren’t working on the test.

We each received a mentor to guide us through the process. The mentor would bring us before the Krishana, the Keeper of the scrolls. Krishana would then explain our individual Test of Mettle. My Mentor is Ranfor the Red. He is a strange man who seems very lustful. He seems like a good man despite his strangeness.

We met with Krishana and received out tests. Luckily we can help each other, because some of them seem hard and others seem almost impossible. My Test is to speak with Duke Portyr; he will give me my test. Carrow’s Test is to clear out a manor in town that was overrun with undead. Cloak’s Test is to remove a thug from power in the Dock District. Finally, Lenore’s Test seemed almost impossible. She needs to go into the Abyss and retrieve a blood stone from a Magma Elemental.

We talked about our test and decided to tackle them in a specific order. We will do Carrow’s first, then Cloaks, then mine and finally Lenore’s. It is going to be an interesting year.

William Journal Test of Mettle

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