William's Accolades

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William’s Accolades

Scribe(30): Each Accolade of “Scribe” grants 5% experience of the current level in which it was gained.
Pre-Game:(13xp), Session 1:(13xp), Session 2:(13xp), Interlude 1:(13xp), Session 3:(35xp),
Interlude 2:(35xp), Session 4:(65xp), Session 5:(65xp), Session 6:(65xp), Session 7:(65xp),
Interlude 3:(65xp), Session 8:(125xp), Interlude 4:(125xp), Tests of Mettle:(238xp),
Carrow’s Test:(238xp), Cloak’s Test:(238xp), My Test Pt1:(238xp), My Test Pt2:(238xp),
Lenore’s Test Pt1:(238xp), Lenore’s Test Pt2:(238xp), Graduation:(238xp), Road to Cormyr:(325xp),
Ossiary pt1:(325xp), Ossiary pt2:(325xp), Ossiary pt3:(325xp), Ossiary pt4:(450xp),
To Cormyr:(450xp); Orc War Pt1:(450xp); Orc War Pt2:(450xp); Orc War Pt3:(450xp);

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William's Accolades

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