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The Foehammer is the Lord of War and the primary deity for a vast majority of Faerun’s fighters. Almost all fighters, even if they do not following Tempus directly pay him some regard when entering into battle. Tempus is not an evil god, but he believes that warfare is something that should be embraces and not feared. He does not suffer cowardice from anyone and preaches that failure to act when threatened is a sign of weakness and should be dealt with harshly. He says that nothing is more dangerous than a diplomat who refuses to take up arms and often wreak more havoc and destruction than any tyrant ever could.

Torm the True served the Greater Deity Tyr and to a lesser extend Ilmater. He is the embodiment of all things concerning Duty. His followers are loyal and true to their causes and charges. They do not relax in their duties for that would be a dishonor to their patron deity. His Clerics are sworn to Debt of Penance where they must take part in duties to other Gods as a sign of loyalty to Torm. Torm died during the time of troubles but was resurrected and made more powerful by the Overgod Lord Ao as a reward for dying while defending the Tablets of Fate from Bane.

Tyr the Even-Handed was once the proud ruler of Mount Celestia but has since died a horrible death defending his own plane against demonic invasion. While his followers are still around they mostly all follow the edicts of Torm the True now who has since taken over the fallen god’s portfolio. Tyr’s followers still believe in justice above all else and will seek out wrong-doing and bring those in the dark to the light to be judged. Those who keep the Favor of Tyr are truly rare these days, but once in a great while a Paladin, Cleric or Fighter deserving of such an honor surfaces in the ranks of Torm’s followers.

The Creator of Chult is primarily worshiped in the country of the same name. His followers are common in the land of Chult but are very rare outside of its deep jungles and dark forests. Ubtao’s holy symbol is a maze and as such his Clerics are called Mazewalkers. He faithful understand that he is a god devoid of passion and is primarily neutral in all things. He has drawn many a Ranger and Druid to his lands as the jungle calls out to those with a wild nature.


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the pantheon of faerun page 5

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