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Dwarf Deity

The All-Father is head deity of the Dwarven pantheon. He is also the most commonly worshiped by dwarves who travel and adventure. His followers pay homage to their god with greats works of metal and earth. They sacrifice precious metals monthly in his name as a show of dedication to him. In turn he has given them the Hammers of Moradin, an elite fighting force of Dwarves who protect dwarven towns and settlements from the dangers of the world.

Elf Deity

Corellon Larethian is head deity of the Elven pantheon. He wishes to return the Elven people to their ancient artistic heritage and fights endlessly against the Drow and the Orcs. His followers believe that they must search out new experiences in life to prevent the modern day Elvish apathy from overtaking their people. The wish only to bring beauty to the world in the form of arts, crafts and magic. It is believes that for such a powerful deity that Corellon is an incredibly humble and down to earth God.

Halfling Deity

The Blessed One is chief Goddess of the Halfling pantheon. She believes that her people, the halflings, are meant to be a race of good natured folk who will help those in need as best that they can. Her followers are often friendly, helpful and willing to give unto others as often as they can. Her Clerics are easily spotted by the bright greenish-yellow saffron cloaks that they wear. There is an offshoot order amongst the priests of Yondalla that have been struck with a wanderlust of sorts. They are called the Wayward Wardens and travel from place to place bringing good will and cheer to any they meet, but they often leave as quickly as they arrive.

Greater Evil

The Lord of the Nine Hells, chief amongst the arch dukes of hell and the greatest evil in all of Faerun. He serves nothing other than his own will to completely control and dominate the world of Toril. He hates all other divine powers equally, but especially Lord Ao and the “Being of Light” he serves. His followers wish nothing other than to see their Lord brought to manifest in this world and to completely rule over and subvert the population of all of Toril. There is no other greater evil that compares to the King of Hell, Asmodeus.


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the pantheon of faerun page 6

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